Sunday, December 25, 2011

The most Joyous

I feel like this is the best Christmas EVER... epic beyond belief.  I am so blessed and spoiled and happy and cannot be thankful enough for everything and everybody in my life right now.
Christmas was on the 24th for us for the most part.  The husband had to be on shift on the 25th so "Santa came early" for us...
I am so tired with the cooking and wrapping and just the all-around fun-having...
Maybe I'll let the photos speak for me.
Getting the cookies, milk and carrots ready for santa and the reindeer!

Without my mom and Jorden this day would not have been the same... and of course all my family, friends and neighbors, and my doggie too, I was able to spend it with!

more to come...

What I wore:
Gold lurex sweater from kohls. Thrifted denim shorts. Classic short Uggs.  Tights and earrings Christmas F21 gift from the husband!

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