Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saving Grace of Family

You have your family... and then you have your family,,,
The ones who are there for you and make you laugh and make you smile and make you cry... who make the days that could be terrible end up alright...
I am grateful for my family...

These are from our trip to Six Flags on Tuesday... So much fun.

I am missing my husband sooo much.  He has been gone three weeks now.  I am trying my best to get back to the regularly scheduled programming and even make things better.

until then...

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  1. Your family is soooo cute, and I'm not just saying so to be nice. I can tell from the photos there's lots of love to go around. I'm sad for you that your husband had to go away again. Stay connected to your friends, family, and blogger friends. We're here for you.


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