Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stylist for hire

In the quest for self improvement one must continually reevaluate what one wants in life. Truly... What do I want? My needs satisfied... Food, shelter, security, love, social interaction and acceptance... But beyond that...
I need more spirituality...
I want amazing things...
I want to make something of myself... I want to get a job or create an opportunity for myself.
Which brings me to my next idea....

Styling! It can combine so many aspects of things I have been qualitatively taught and self taught as well as things I am passionate about. Allow me, pay me, beckon me to come to your house, reorganize your wardrobe, put together outfits, shop with you or for you. I can do this well! I promise! I will also give you a personalized report of styling tips, tricks and trends to help you maintain your new style set.
I am serious about this.

There is no degree one can earn to be a stylist, although there are many avenues to get there... I almost have my business degree which means I am focused, organized and know how to work.  I am a great writer with a journalism background which makes me a great communicator, thinker and objective opinion-giver.  I have been in LOVE with fashion and clothes since I was a child.  I subscribe to MANY fashion magazines, read countless fashion and style blogs and pride myself on having a natural talent for mixing clothes.  AND, as a bonus, I am keen on budget-styling as well as have a great appreciation for high street to high end fashion, thrifted and vintage clothes.

I am looking to do this for free for a couple people to get some background references. Write me and we'll talk!
I will have more details and link a separate page on this blog with all the information I can think of to make this work.
Hope to hear from you...

Vanessa (stylist for hire)

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  1. Best wishes in this new endeavor Vanessa! It takes so much courage to put yourself and your talents out there to the world. I hope you have tons of clients!


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