Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shopping fail

Today I really don't have much going on... which is kinda nice. It's nice to have those days where you don't have to get all pretty and spiffied up. You don't have to spend any money... you just have to hang out...
I think I am going to get some cleaning and organizing done and play Barbies with Aveline. I think that sounds like the best plan.
It is finally getting so nice and warm out!
I went thrifting yesterday and it was quite disappointing. I was on a search for some dapper manly slacks and found NOTHING on top of the fact that the pants I did try on were so damn warm! it was gross... definitely not for Germany in the Spring and Summer when there is no A/C.

So the search continues. I might need to give into F21 and buy these:

Anyways,,, dying of allergies...
Queen VII

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