Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

I am wondering if getting some taco bell is as close to Cinco de Mayo as I am going to get :-(

I have arisen a new person this wednesday. I woke up early!!! Like 7:30 in the AM early! Quite a feate for me... as I am NOT an early bird by any means whatsoever. I LOVE sleeping. But i think after a half week of being in an allergy coma, I think I am awake enough. I am so excited about my new life strategy.

BASICALLY, I am going to treat my day as if it were a work day. Kinda put myself on an 8-5 schedule. Wake up, exercise, read the news, clean the house, eat, get ready. Do activities for the day whether it be run errands, go outside to play if the weather permits, work with Aveline on her ABC's and 123's. I have my own crafts and fun things I want to work on too.

I want to continue to blog.

I want to make a fashion collage for my dressing room.

I need to make a DIY trashy Chanel t-shirt.... this is a need!

I want to read Eclipse again... if I re-read New Moon, i have to re-read Eclipse.

I need to reorganize and re-decorate the guest room for when my mums comes!

I finally bought a frame for my 1900's fashion news magazinette... must matte and frame asap!!!!

We went to Mobel Martin yesterday and it is like the bigger more expensive Ikea... quite fun!

My dream couch!!! just in different colors... sexy man not included!

I think I want to do my guest room Ratatouille style :-)

Sitting on a donut???

Princess fort!

A curly chandelier!!! I love it!

Someone has a 49,95 euro idea!

The bears!!!

I always have a fun time shopping around with my loves!

anyways... Hope you have a great day... I am off to get some things done!!!


Queen VII

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