Sunday, July 4, 2010


I wanna focus on the things I do love about summer... i have been hating on it too much.

I love pool bleached hair! My black is turning kinda brown... my blue is turning minty green!

Funny tan lines... flip flop tans, ring tans and watch tans are the coolest!

Summer evenings when the air cools off... my energy level just shoots up after melting all day!

The smell of sunscreen!


After-barbeque firepit chats.

Summer dresses. Funny shorts. Straw hats.

Having crazy manicures and pedicuresfor everyone to see.

Seeing everyone's tattoos that they have been hiding under lots of clothes.

Cold beer.

Barbeque and fried food... funnel cakes are the best!!!!

Carnivals and outdoor concerts!

I hope everyone has or has had a great Independence Day! and think about all the things you love about summer!

outfit: H&M dress and Hat


Queen VII

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