Saturday, August 21, 2010

White pants... eh.

So summer seems to be coming back to Germany with a vengeance!  I am excited except for the fact that I love cooler weather.  If it stayed 72 degrees I would be a happy happy camper.  I have been thrifting and have found some awesome stuff that I need to wear while it's still warm out!  White pants!  It's almost Labor Day and no more white allowed after that.  I am not a huge fan of white pants AT ALL...  I don't see how they are very flattering and they are bound to get dirty, but I liked the cut and style of these.  I also got to debut my DIY Miu Miu collar!  I got the random odd look from all the elderly folk in my village... but they don't know couture I suppose. 

The Miu Miu collar is from the spring 2010 collection that everyone has been nuts over.  This is my version and it's so easy. Cut. Draw. Embellish. I liked Audrey Kitching's version and designed mine a little more like hers.  I am also turning the body of the shirt into a skirt!  Wait and see!

What I wore:
Black crop-top from H&M.  Pants, thrifted. Belt, F21. Collar, DIY.  Pirate necklace courtesy of Keara!!  Sunglasses, Tally Weijl.

Queen VII

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