Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Joys!!!

Favorite things about September:
My anniversary!!!!  The 15th this year marked 3 years with my amazing, wonderful husband!

September issues of fashion magazines!  Huge! Hours worth of ads, articles and drooling over the latest.

The Fall Bazaar... great for Christmas shopping.

Feeling like Autumn is finally here... at least here in Germany... I heard everyone is still roasting in California.

Since yesterday was our anniversary, even though we didn't do too much I still dressed up a little bit (our gift to each other is a trip to Dublin in October!).

I have still been feeling sick... dressing up a little I at least try not to look as sick as I feel...

I posted a few more pics than normal... But I felt pretty so deal!   The shorts are silk and I love the side zippers.  I wore my cropped zippered jacket and my buckle-y shoes and the seatbelt bag... I think it was a loose yet binding outfit!!! :-)

What I wore:
Jacket from Wet Seal. Tights from F21.  Shorts from the BX (surprise there!).  Shoes by dollhouse from DSW.  Harvey's Seatbelt bag.

Ps... I actually really like the way my blue ends are turning faded green!!!  Hopefully it won't wash out too fast.  My blue dye is hopefully in the mail.

PPS... Check out the oreo cake I made for anniversary dessert!  It was amazing!

Queen VII

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