Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fare thee well

It's 1/11/11 just after 11:11 pm... I feel like I need to say goodbye for a little while because I am going to be dead to the world to a certain degree.  Accounting 280... my class for the next 5 weeks!  Bleh...
I should just quit my bitching now... there's no point... just do what I gotta do, get a C and get on with life.
I am changing my major from Bachelor's of Science in Business, to BSB Retail Management.  I am going to work in some aspect of fashion, if it's the last thing I do!!!
Also I made it to the gym today!  I am hopefully going to try to go every day... it shouldn't be that hard should it?  I am fatter than I have ever been (excluding pregnancy) and I am miserable... and I am not saying I am fat... but I am so uncomfortable with my physical shape and condition... there is no fun in having a muffin top and all sorts of cute jeans that are too tight.  Something has gotta be done and I no longer have my 18 year old metabolism where I could just stop drinking soda for a week and drop 5 pounds... I'm gonna have to work for it... just like this accounting bull shiz...
Whatever... one step closer to my goal.

who needs a necklace when your shirt has one?

leather and pearls

I loved my outfit... I felt like a boyish girl/girlie boy!  I was going to wear this big black velvet bow, but the husband gave me a very very strange look when I asked him what he thought... he is supremely understanding and appreciative of my fashion sense, no matter how man-repellent in most cases... I think it was enough without the big bow.  I pegged the trouser legs to show my new socks and my vintage loafers better... I am still hunting for the perfect khaki trousers... I felt perfectly coordinated and wore my cameo earrings that kinda matched the cameo on my shirt... and I am learning to not wear rings out in the cold because they slide off my fingers... I think I lost another one... I am so sad.  But these pics were surprisingly a pain to edit because it was soooo foggy and cold outside... I looked like i was in a smoke machine cloud... I'm surprised I was able to fix all of these.  Anyways... I am off to bed!!!!

Bonne  nuit!
Queen VII

What I wore:
Walmart cardi.  F21 top and socks and rings.  Thrifted slacks and loafers.  Longchamp bag. Vintage belt.


  1. Fun outfit! Especially the tee. Good luck with school and the gym!


  2. love your style!



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