Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Yesterday was a loooong day!  But fun in a weird way and went by kind of fast.  We are leaving Germany in about 10 weeks and I am slowly in the process of organizing and getting our things ready to get packed up and moved.  We do have crate and poundage limitations so I want to get rid of the excess and unnecessary.  I had boxes of clothes of mine and Avii's that I wanted to get rid of so we decided to rent a table for $15 at the bi-monthly flea market on base!
I admit that I was a little bit stressed with only having about 40 minutes to unpack the car and set up.  Everything went really well though!  I got rid of basically all of Avii's old clothes and a good deal of my own shoes, bags, jeans and tops.  We came home with a lot more money than I thought we would!

The rest of the day was spent going to lunch, buying flowers and walking around downtown before meeting with friends for a Cajun style dinner!

On the way downtown, J and I were talking about shopping and clothes and various things and I was telling him about how much I looove the Longchamp bags I have and how I love them so much, but I hope to invest in a nice Dooney or other quality leather bag.  There is an awesome leather-wear shop and they happen to sell Longchamp  bags there and I FOUND the most amazing new color!!!  It's called "Curry" and it's sort of a chartreuse-y green/yellow!  AMAZING.  I totally made my husband upset by begging embarrassingly at the store to buy it... we are trying so very hard to save money right now and not shopping has been hard... I probably don't deserve it, but the bags do cost less out here and are easier to find.  This color is probably going to sell out super fast too!  I look at it as my "Farewell, Germany!" present!  Plus, we did sell a lot of stuff at the flea market!!!  My dad told Jorden "Happy Wife, Happy Life" is what he has lived by!  Hopefully Jorden feels the same way!  I know I am DEFINITELY happy right now!

My Tulpen, the Longchamp, and the most awesome Michael Jackson movie EVER!!!  50 cents well spent!


My bestie, Rebecca looking super cute! (outfit: F21, H&M)

Fave earrings! Guess, c/o Miss Ktk!!!

What I wore:
Dress, F21. Tights and cardigan, Kohl's.  Short Uggs.  Bow headband, Avii's from H&M.

Alright... I got 1200 words to write for my COM class... better get to it!

Queen VII


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  2. Queen, hello! You're a Sacramento girl living in Germany? Thank you for visiting my blog- I'm now following you and look forward in getting to know you via blog-life, lol. Good luck on the give-away!
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