Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Spirit

Sometimes you have those days, or weeks, or months where things just seem more difficult than you thought it would be.  But it's always important to remember the people in your life that make everything better.  Sometimes those big, difficult moments don't really matter at all.  Change your pace, change your outlook, change your outfit!  Do what it take to make yourself happy again and be happy with those you are with!
Valentine's Day is tomorrow and whether you are in a relationship or not, love yourself!  Buy some candy or flowers or hang out with friends and family.  I don't really see Valentine's Day as being the most romantic day... I see it as a day to just celebrate the fun and silliness and indulgence of all that is love!  I have my husband and my daughter, whom I love more than life and we celebrate it all together! 
I wish I had more planned for tomorrow... I only have some tiny gifts and a card, but hopefully the day will be fun and full of delicious food!
Here is what I wore yesterday... it was a day of sunshine, thrifting, napping and a little partying into the night!

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I was being dramatic I think!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day, if not, then a beautiful Monday.
What I wore:
Thrifted Top, Levis 501's cutoff, loafers and blazer. Vintage belt. Hat from Ebay. Stockings from BX.  Necklace from my mom.

Queen VII


  1. Oooog, you lovely! The outfit goes really well together. The hat is my faaaaave! xx

  2. I love this outfit! IT is so chic and looks so comfy. I adore the hat as well.


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