Monday, April 18, 2011

Photog at work

Happy Montag everyone!
I am happy to be at my computer today!  The paper that was sucking the life out of me was turned in and over and done with!  Class is almost done and I will have a nice month long break.  I had an amazing photoshoot yesterday with some great friends of mine, so I now have some fun stuff to edit!  Things are good today.

Jodi, was kind enough to be my guest photographer and I thought I would show what I was wearing to play photographer.  I eventually hope to get paid for what I do, and I try to approach everything I do with some degree of professionalism. 

I like to wear something that is comfortable and in neutral colors, but still a little nice and possibly stylish to reflect my artistic nature.  I try to wear a blazer or cardi, but it was a warm, sunny day and it was great to go sleeveless... I also rocked out my Miu miu inspired collar I DIY'd last summer.

A pic of Jodi!  My subject and guest photographer for the day!!!  She is so beautiful and fun to photograph and be around and we can talk and drink wine together for hours.  We spent the evening eating bangers and mash and talking and we cracked open a bottle of wine I had been hanging onto... it's the oldest bottle of wine I have ever drank and it was delish!
Alright... I'm gonna get back to work!  Just thought I would drop a line and say Hi!!!!

What I wore:
Black top, thrifted pants that I had custom tailored, DIY miu miu cat collar, flats from New Balance, my Juicy Couture glasses that i never take pics in, but wear all the time because I am blind!


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  1. love the collar - that is such a great look!


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