Thursday, June 2, 2011

San(dy) Diego

Ahhh, San Diego!
I can tell you it does NOT mean "a whale's vagina" in German.  Trust this one... lived in Germany three whole years... uh huh!

After Disneyland we headed to the oldest city in California and the city of my birth, the beach and pier of my childhood, and currently where Jorden's brother and his fiance' reside.  Days at the beach, walking around eating sandwiches and Mexican food, drinking India Pale ale, watching sunsets and just having a blast!

If you are ever in the Ocean Beach area... you MUST stop at Chris'... their sandwiches are beyond belief and they have so many different beers and teas and chips! I think we ate there every day. Jorden's brother works there so we had the family discount going on!

What I wore:
First outfit: vintage Levi 501 cutoffs.  Poncho-esque top from Love Culture.

My new Kenneth Cole bathing suit!  Vintage polka dot caftan. F21 floppy hat. Sparkly black flip flops from Payless.

We all came back with sunburns, but it was totally worth it...



  1. You look adorable! Beach wear suits you!

  2. oh woooow that beach is amazing, looks like a perfect little holiday! enjoy, lovely lady!


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