Thursday, September 29, 2011

Outfit: Wistful Wednesday

What is there to be wishful for when life is going so well?
I am surrounded by peacefulness and good things, it is easy to forget some of the bad that is in the background.
I am busy with photo editing, getting ready to have a home, school is great because I am on a break (although feeling under the weather a little)...

I wish I was better at doing make-up... but here is me trying.
I wish the summer would go away and winter would take its time coming...
I wish I could work this Snow White look going on in these photos!

I have been doing loads of window-shopping and I realize that within a week or so, I will finally be able to go through all of my clothes and be able to "shop my closet" again... I do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe when I have one packed away!  Although I do plan to do some culling and organizing and selling and swapping and donating!  Stay tuned for that fun mess!

I love the Fall looks and I love that a lot of things I have can transition...

The main trend points on Style Network were BOLD COLORS, polka dots, and lace and sheer fabrics.  I love bold colors (if that isn't obvious already)... I am all for lace and tasteful sheer fabrics.  I am more of a stripes girl, but maybe getting a polkadot scarf or cardigan would be fun!

What do you think your fall fashion wishlist will have on it?

What I wore:
Simply Vera Wang top.  Michael Kors satchel.  H&M skirt.  My Isabel Marant-wannabe boots.  Vintage earrings.

For my makeup, I use a bronzer around the edge of my face, a more mauve color for the hollows of my cheeks and a peachy pink color for the apples... I love the jewel-toned lids on the runways and normally I don't go too crazy with colored make-up, but I tried something new! I kept my black liner but did it thinner than normal. 


ps...  Peek-a-boo at the "Star of the Week" for the Bears Class!!!


  1. You are so pretty, Vanessa! I love your makeup :)

  2. You look gorgeous and that makeup demands a tutorial!
    I can't wait to shop your closet. in fact talk to Audrey at Fringe and sell Second Sundays in the lot- we could have a blogger's block!

  3. I adore this look! Such a great dress. Plus I love your makeup! FUn colors are always wonderful.

  4. girl that close up of your face and nails looks like a make up ad: stunning! and your little girl is adorbs :)

  5. Congrats on the house! I love your ink and nails!! ;)


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