Saturday, January 14, 2012

Outfit: About Face

 This was originally going to be just an average outfit post, but going through the photos I want to address a couple things that came to light.
I love fashion and clothes and style... LOVE... love... it's a passion of mine.  And in doing this blog I get to express my love for those topics, amongst other things... believe me, if I had someone to model outfits styled by me, for me at my beckon and call, I would be playing real life Barbie/dress-up on a daily basis.  Unfortunately I do not, so I have to use myself.
I feel so vain asking my husband to take photos of me daily.  Although I know that it is one of the things I love most (styling, blogging, etc), I am NOT a model.  I am very insecure about certain things, and I feel ridiculous most days having photos taken of me so consistently.  I should be taking photos of others. 
And yet... I continue.  Everyone has things they are insecure about and I want to be brave and talk about mine... an insecurity that has kind of helped me be who I am today...


Yes... the NOSE... the dreaded side-profile that only emphasizes jaw, nose, chin, and nose, nose, nose. 

I was made fun of a lot for it... I was an awkward looking adolescent.  My eyes are larger, my lips are fuller and my nose is much more prominent than any of the Anglo, Asian, African-American girls' features that I grew up around in suburban Sacramento.  Even the Mexican girls in the neighborhood managed to have petite, pretty noses.
BUT, you know what... "perfect"... what is that?  What is too big or too long or too bumpy or too short or too pale or too fat or too skinny or too much of anything?  I would never get a nose job now and I would have given ANYTHING for one when I was younger... I am so blessed to have the face and the body and the fingers and feet and toes and ears I do.  I am healthy and happy and married to a handsome man.  With my nose I have an awesome sense of smell, which contributes to a great palate and henceforth a great ability to enjoy food, wine and cooking (my other super-passion!).  I have had nothing but positivity come from my blog and my photos and it makes me so happy and so proud to put forth my prominent Spanish Montero nose!  Be confident in who you are and what you have!  It MAKES YOU who you are. 

Here is the rest of my outfit for the day... I felt like doing something a little different... something softer...

I got the vintage popcorn sweater from my friend's mom!  I used to have a sweater with little balls on it like this when I was teeny!  I think it was yellow. 
What I wore:
Vintage sweater.  Sheer top and boots from Kohl's. Old Navy jeans.  Sunnies from Goodwill. Betsey Johnson earrings.

xoxo... Vanessa

Ps... I NEED a new blog header... asap!!! any suggestions?


  1. Love the close up profile photos.

  2. I love the sweater. Thanks for talking about your insecurity. I can definitely relate. You have a beautiful face!

  3. Love the1st full outfit shot, you look amazing! Lydia :)


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