Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lovely bunch of coconuts!

Procrastination is the key objective here. 
Schoolwork... always online... always sucking the life out of me... if only I could turn off the Wi-fi I could probably get more done.
But I can't.
So I am blogging.
Ps... there is nothing worse than reading college textbooks via Adobe! grrr...

Last weekend was so fun and helped me realize that even in the midst of all the crazy changes going on in my life, I still have my besties!
The Girls Night Out is a rare occassion for us and there was something extra fun about this one... a night rockin out at the Blue Lamp to Autumn Sky, the Hanover Saints and the Stripminers!

It was so fun to get dressed up... the girls and I all have our unique styles but we always compliment eachother and have fun getting ready together and drinking wine.  Katie is the Boho Beauty with feathers, leather and metal.  I am usually more rocker and had fun bringing back studs, Betsey Johnson and my septum ring.  Keara is always the Girlie Girl Chic dresser.

Autumn Sky performing

We met up with our fabulous Robyn who is the queen of Indie Geek Chic in our group! I love all the outfits she puts together

Boots were a good choice by the end of the night.

My hair is more evened out now, although darker than I ultimately want it to be... it's a dark, reddish brown... maybe I'll be a lot more ginger by late spring/early summer! That's the objective, at least.

Uuuugh, ok... I have about 2500 words to write by Saturday, so I guess I gotta get to it.


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