Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stuff n Things: Christmas Loot!

Precursor: This is what I like to call a Bragass post!

I was honestly not expecting much of anything this year, considering we did Secret Santa with the family (so I expected something from one family member, I suppose), and considering the fact that my tattoo is turning out to be obscenely expensive so that's a Christmas gift to me, I was happy to maybe get something small from the hubs under the tree.
Well, I was beyond surprised at getting as much as I did!

My secret Santa was my DAD!!! And he did awesome... normally, my mom is in charge of all the shopping and wrapping and my dad takes credit for it with her, but this time, he was on his own, and I am sure he felt out of his element shopping for girlie things because there is nothing we really like in common. He is a super-guy's-guy-manly-dude-meister!  Luckily, I had everyone fill out a little survey of things they like, sizes, fave colors, stores, etc... so it seemed like Secret Santa was a success for the other's as well!

The total loot!

 Nail stuff from J, my mom and dad. Furry scarf and gloves, paris theme keychain from my dad.
Popcorn stocking stuffers!
 Audrey Calendar and chalkable place setting tiles from Jennie! Tights from J. A satchel from my grandmother, Bow clips from my mom.
 Coat, gray boots and Paris tee from my mom and dad.
Black frames and butterfly notecard set from my dad. CD's from J. Christmas decor from my grandmother.

And here are a few of my favorite things...
Collier de Chien bracelet!

gold nameplate necklace.

My hubs picked this one out for me!

And the smart man I married knows how to treat my feet!

It's definitely not at all about presents, but I feel so lucky and so blessed to be in a family that cares so much to spend time together and enjoy each others company and just has fun giving and getting gifts.  I wish I could buy each of them thousands of dollars worth of stuff, but spending the time we did was worth millions more than that!

Did you get anything awesome for Christmas?!


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  1. Lady! Somebody was GOOD this year! Hahaha! Happy Holidays to ya!


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