What is Queen VII’s Reveries??

“Queen” is in reference to being the “queen of my castle” and that my husband is the king and my daughter is the princess!  V.I.I. are my initials (Vanessa Isabel Innes) and Vii (pronounced like the ii in Hawaii or the Wii game system) has been my nickname for as long as I can remember.  I also like how the roman numeral VII is lucky number 7!!!  So it’s a lot of things together!

This is my personal style blog and (almost) daily live journal.  I love clothes and fashion and style so much and could seriously talk/write about clothes all the live long day.  I have loved clothes ever since I was a little kid and will love clothes until the end of my days.  I consider myself a budget shopper… I love thrifting, browsing the sale racks and always try to find the best styles at the lowest prices.  It brings me joy to have high fashion inspiration for a fraction of the cost.  I also write about my life as a mom… I have an amazing husband and daughter and family and friends that enrich my life.  I am an aspiring photographer and I try to share a bit of that here as well.  I have had a traveling bug for as long as I can remember and living in Europe has enhanced that part of my life a thousand-fold.  I am also a major foodie and love to cook and always want to share recipes!

So reading this blog you will get a glimpse my fashion, food, travel and life on a regular basis!

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

I was born and raised in California.  I was born in San Diego, but raised in the Sacramento area and consider myself a true Nor-Cal girl!  I am currently residing in Germany and have been since May 2008.  In May 2011 I will be returning to the Sacramento area.

What kind of camera do you use?  Who takes your pictures?

I use a Nikon D5000 (my love!) and mostly use a 50mm 1:1.8 D lens for most of my photos.  My amazing husband takes almost all of my photos, but if he is not around I will use a tripod sometimes.  I seriously could not manage this blog without my husband.  There is no way I would ever be able to get the aesthetic and amount of photos that I want and need to run my blog without him.  He is my best friend and my partner in this… even though I feel like I forced it upon him sometimes (yet he always tells me I don't, like the sweet person he is). I am a lucky girl!

Who are your fashion/style icons/inspirations?

I am going to give credit where credit is do, because without inspiration I would not be who I am today.  Within my family I will of course have to credit my gorgeous, amazing Mum, who has always been one of the most well put together, stylish people I have ever known… and she has the most epic shoe collection one could wish for.  She always encouraged me to dress well and be classy, but let me be myself and have fun with my clothes even though our styles are so different.  She always backed me up and let me wear green and blue nail polish when all the other girls’ moms wouldn’t!  I felt confident in myself because of her.

My cousin Angela, was one of my first fashion inspirations.  I would fly out to the east coast and go shopping with her in New York and New Jersey and come back to California wearing the coolest, trendiest funnest stuff all because of her!  I loved wearing things to school and being made fun of and then seeing those same girls who made fun of me wear the same exact thing within the next couple seasons!  I am talking elementary school even!  She is so beautiful and confident and I wanted to be so much like her.  She was like the big sister I never had.

I used to really be inspired by celebrity fashion, but now I am a lot more inspired by “real” females out there!  Other bloggers, all around the world.  I see chic glamour in The Blonde Salad.  Girlie flirty unique style in The Styling Dutchman.  Wild, glittery fun in Audrey Kitching.  Vintage and vintage inspired love in Orchid Grey, Calivintage, Haiku Ambulance and Vintage Virgin.  I love the classy mommy chicness of Fashion Mom.  There are so many others that I look forward to reading every day and being inspired by!  Too many to name right here… it just goes to show how inspiring blogging has been!

I am a fashion magazine subscriber and seek inspiration from those as well.  I am lucky to have some beautiful, chic, stylish, trendy friends that each have their own style as well and it’s fun to get ideas from one another!

What have your travels taught you about fashion and style around the world?

Being blessed and being able to travel to so many different cities and countries has been amazing.  Style is so different everywhere and it is inspiring.  The girls of Dublin, Holland, and Belgium are some of the trendiest most beautiful girls I have seen.  The French are so much more simple and chic than I ever would have imagined and have inspired me to invest in good, classic, tailored pieces that will be timeless.  The Germans are fearless in their fashion choices.

If you aren’t able to travel, check out Chictopia and see what girls around the world are wearing and without a doubt you will be inspired, as I was!

What are your tattoos? do you have better photos of them?

I recently just did a major post on my tattoos and what they mean to me.  You can check it out here!

What is your height/weight/measurements?

I am 5’4” and generally wear a size 6/medium throughout and a size 8 ½ or 39 shoe.

what do you do besides blog here at Queen VII’s Reveries?

I am a full time mother, wife and student finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  I can often be found reading, cooking, typing, taking millions of photos, styling outfits, shopping, cleaning, researching travel destinations, playing with Aveline, coloring, doing crafts and decorating… and blogging of course!  

What are your style tips and tricks?

I think I am going to put all of my core style tips and tricks, including thrifting tips on another page, so stay tuned!

What is your closet/wardrobe like?

I have had some people ask me how much stuff I have or wonder what my closet looks like.  I did a post on it here! 

Will you follow me?

On my blogroll on my page I have my most read/favorite blogs but right now I follow over 100 and am constantly follow new ones.  If you are interested in exchanging links, shoot me an email if you think I might be interested in your blog. 

I want to use some of the content on your blog or feature you on my blog/site.
Please feel free to contact me if you wish to use any of my pictures or reference anything on my blog!  You are more than welcome, but I think it’s always best and fair to give credit where credit is due.  If I happen to use something from your site I will always try to reference you as well!