Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out with it

I am not a fan of writers who vaguely post about things to come or things going on in their lives that they "can't  really talk about"... if you can't talk about it, then don't hint at it and write about it.  Like THIS and THIS and THIS ONE TOO.
But I do understand timing.  Timing can be everything.
And time is running out. 
So here it is...
My wonderful, amazing husband has to leave me and our princess and our beastly dog and our beautiful home.
He has to do his duty and fly far and away to the land of Afghanistan, where he will fight fire and foe, train the future Afghani military and stay as safe as he can so he can return home to us.
I am devastated.
I am sad.
I am scared.
I do not want to be alone.
I know I am so blessed to have my daughter and all my family and friends nearer rather than far, but ask anyone who has ever loved so much and so hard as we love each other - there are billions of people in this world, but it is not HIM... and it is HIM that I will miss so incredibly much that I ache from head to toe, from the inside out.

All photos by Katie Taylor Photography,
(she also happens to be one of my best friends and such a great support.)

I am lucky to have him and he is lucky to have me.  We will make it through this. We have to. There is no other option. He will be back... sooner rather than later.

To my wonderful husband with love,


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