Friday, September 13, 2013

The tides have turned!

September 13 2006... I had to quit and leave my job to relocate.  It wasn't feasible for me to find a new job when I was already a few months pregnant.

September 12, 2013 I get the offer on a job I was really hoping for.  My husband is in the process of finishing his military service honorably and being able to move onto a new career, hopefully in a civilian service of sorts.  So basically to the exact DATE, 7 blessed years later, after being a mom, traveling the world, earning my degree, and buying a home, dog, cat, cars, etc... we are turning the page!

I look forward to what is to come!  I can't wait to be a working girl - a business woman... someone who will do her best to make a difference and prosper and be successful.  I want to put my degree, my communication skills, and my past experience to use in building a foundation for a possible career.
My mind is racing with a million things right now.  Of course, figuring out what I need to wear!  But more importantly...

My anniversary is coming up!  We are taking a fun little trip somewhere, courtesy of my wonderful, over-spoiling mom!

Here are my quick business headshots my husband took of me.

These black and white shots I like to call my future "book jacket photos"!! I can still dream of being published, right?!

I wore these pearl earrings to every interview I had... and I probably had about 7 within a week.


Vanessa Innes
Universal Associate

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thank you New York...

It is the eve of one of/if not the most horrendous day in modern American times, and I definitely feel it is a day to reflect, remember and embrace those you love and care about who are here with you now.
Life is so crazy sometimes and throws you so many curves, one can never truly understand how or why or when or where... All I know is that in my life, in this moment right this very second, I am grateful.  And that is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  I am grateful for my daughter sleeping in her bed, peaceful and safe, as there are thousands of children all over the world that are suffering from any horrible assortment of things.  I am grateful for my loving and supportive husband, who is safe at work tonight, working one of his last shifts as a USAF fire fighter.  I know he would have done his best on that day in New York or Washington D.C. if he could have.  I am grateful for positive things happening in the lives of my parents, grandparents, and friends.  Some changes are extremely hard and trying but I admire those that are staying strong and pushing for the positive and good in their lives.
This is life... we only get one.  We need to live it to the best of our ability, keep on trying even when it's hard.  Be smart, be sexy, and be kind... like the now famous words of Ashton Kutcher to our young Americans...

I want to thank New York... for persevering and being a pulsing example of American and human spirit... being smart with everything, being sexy with fashion week this week - which is a living example of giving creativity a chance, and being the kind of city that accepts the world no matter how fucked up the world can be.

I LOVE YOU, and I hope tomorrow will be alright and know that it's okay to cry and be sad... but be happy for having survived and grown despite what the terrible winds brought in that dreadful morning.

  Carrying my little "Big Apple" with me every day...