Thursday, September 29, 2011

Outfit: Wistful Wednesday

What is there to be wishful for when life is going so well?
I am surrounded by peacefulness and good things, it is easy to forget some of the bad that is in the background.
I am busy with photo editing, getting ready to have a home, school is great because I am on a break (although feeling under the weather a little)...

I wish I was better at doing make-up... but here is me trying.
I wish the summer would go away and winter would take its time coming...
I wish I could work this Snow White look going on in these photos!

I have been doing loads of window-shopping and I realize that within a week or so, I will finally be able to go through all of my clothes and be able to "shop my closet" again... I do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe when I have one packed away!  Although I do plan to do some culling and organizing and selling and swapping and donating!  Stay tuned for that fun mess!

I love the Fall looks and I love that a lot of things I have can transition...

The main trend points on Style Network were BOLD COLORS, polka dots, and lace and sheer fabrics.  I love bold colors (if that isn't obvious already)... I am all for lace and tasteful sheer fabrics.  I am more of a stripes girl, but maybe getting a polkadot scarf or cardigan would be fun!

What do you think your fall fashion wishlist will have on it?

What I wore:
Simply Vera Wang top.  Michael Kors satchel.  H&M skirt.  My Isabel Marant-wannabe boots.  Vintage earrings.

For my makeup, I use a bronzer around the edge of my face, a more mauve color for the hollows of my cheeks and a peachy pink color for the apples... I love the jewel-toned lids on the runways and normally I don't go too crazy with colored make-up, but I tried something new! I kept my black liner but did it thinner than normal. 


ps...  Peek-a-boo at the "Star of the Week" for the Bears Class!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Outfit: Miss(i)oni Complete

Mr. Heckles

It's been a looong 5 weeks, topped off with weeks of waiting for something else epic, with a splash of waiting for fashion in the mix...
Statistics class is over! Mission completed there!
I waited for Missoni... and I have worn my flats almost every day since I got them! Love them so much.  And while waiting for it to not be blazing balls hot, it was finally overcast and cool enough for me to wear the goods together!
I could come up with endless outfits including these two pieces...
But here is one, which I wore for a family fun, kid friendly kind of day!
Geek-steppin in my new faves!

Play off the amazing colors or the fun patterns... it makes me happy!  Lots more fun to come!

I think I want to try to come up with a nail design to match the chevron pattern... that's what I am going to spend my time on, instead of statistics!

what I wore:

Missoni for Target cardigan and flats.  F21 Jeans.  Chartreuse tank from Target.  Zebra drippy heart tee from Marshall's.  Accessories from here and there...

I am brain dead right now so I'll leave it be!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Coconuts

We are a lovely bunch of coconuts aren't we?!

These are some of my friends and I love and cherish them all!  We spent last night together celebrating Denny's 2?th birthday... there was hella Mexican food, too much red wine and sangria and some XBox dance game that was super fun!
I definitely needed such a great night!

back to the grind...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

A moment...

This is me being bitter:

Fall fashion weeks here and there...

me not being able to wear boots and jeans and slacks and blazers... because of 95 degree days... when will it end?!

my outfits are so one-note: dress, flats.  dress, sandals. skirt, tee, sandals. skirt, tank, sandals.  Make it stop!

So to cheer up, here is a picture of a cute baby!!!  Photo by me!  I guess if it's too hot to wear clothes you might as well sleep, wish you were this adorable and hope for cooler days!

Anyone else enjoying the fashion shows?  What are your fave looks?  I am pondering the ponchos and knit cloaks...  sweaters might not really be me...


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outfit: Romantia

This is my style of romantic:
Flowy, soft layers of beautiful fabric.  Jersey-knit.  Flat shoes.  Loose hair.  Something black to match my hair. 

I wore this for my husband and my anniversary a few days ago.  I thrifted this dress from Goodwill.

The label on the dress said "Made in Romania" and before I even read it I knew there was something very European about this one.  The feel of the fabric, the construction of the dress... I have seen pieces like this in many boutiques in Germany and they were always so expensive... nearly 100 euros most of them!

I think the best thing about my outfit that day had to be my gorgeous new wedding set (if you haven't seen it already!  I am totally bragging... i love it so much!).  I am also loving navy blue nails and hot pink lips right now. 

What I wore:
Thrifted Romanian dress.  Black leggings.  Motorcycle-style boots.  Material Girl necklace, gifted.  Michael Kors sunglasses.

Anyways... back to my HELL which is statistics and calculus... good thing I have some positivity to look forward to.  I need to hope and pray A LOT these next few weeks.

(things I wish I could be doing instead of crying over math and the military:  enjoying fashion week, planning outfits, editing photos, catching up on blogs, correspondence and my September issues, sleeping, eating better)


Friday, September 16, 2011

Stuff N Things: Missoni and Diamonds!

First off,
Did anyone score and keep any of the Missoni goodies that made it to Target?! 
I diiiiid!!!

 I heard it was mayhem and by the time I got to the store most things were wiped out!  I was really hoping to get some towels and bathroom home decor stuff, but I was sooo excited to get the flats and cardigan! Those were the two main clothing pieces I really loved from the collection.  They are exactly in my color pallette for fall and winter!  My mom scored the gorgeous duvet set and a cami in the lighter brown and peachy tones!

Speaking of Italian goodies, my good friend Courtney is living in Vicenza now and sent me this lovely piece:

It is so beautiful and in my favorite color!  I can't wait to play photoshoot and dressup with this amazing mask!  She is so sweet to have thought of me and send me such a gorgeous gift!

I keep it atop my new:
I love my desk!!!!  I can't wait to set up my new office and photo studio and have this piece in there!!  I found it at the Denio's Auction and could not resist it for $45!!! new!!! it was a floor model in a showroom...

BUT... the best piece/thing this week and I think EVER is my new....
Let me give you the "before" piece...
My wedding band for the last 4 years... Beautiful, 3 rows of 11 diamonds channel set in white gold... 1ct tw.  I loved this ring and it was useful, especially while having a baby to handle and take care of and carry around... no big diamond to snag or scratch her.  That was my original desire for this ring.  We did not have much money when we first got married.  I never got an actual engagement ring.  I had a plain, solid white gold band, which I will keep forever... and then I got this and loved it and it was in the budget, so it was great!  Well, yesterday was Jorden and my 4 year anniversary and he surprised me with an early, amazing upgrade!!!

(I am being a super brag-ass right now)
Diamonds all around!  A ring of my dreams!  Bigger and better than anything I could have ever imagined would belong to me!  We talked about getting me an "upgrade" maybe at the 5-year mark, but this one came into my sights and it made an impression!  The band and setting have diamonds on all 3 exposed sides.  I love the "v" chevron under the solitaire setting... the diamond (.72 cts) is incredibly brilliant!  He must really really really love me!  He totally and completely surprised me by buying it (and with the bigger stone, too!).  He says I deserve it, but I don't think I do.  But I am grateful, that's for sure!!  We are in a good place in our lives right now and I could not be happier with this amazing gift and representation of our love for each other.  This ring is very "me" I think.

SO there ya have it darlings!  Sorry "Stuff n Things" got bumped a few days, but I think this is the best one yet!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to my Hubz!!

(DisclaimerInstead of searching for a card that says the "right" thing, I am blogging it!  So be forewarned... it might get mushy ahead!)

To my awesome, wonderful, beloved, seksi husband, Jorden...
You know I love you. 
You know I adore you. 
You know you are my favorite grown-up person in existence. 
You know that I am writing this to wish you a happy, wonderful amazing anniversary! 

Four years...  I typed it first as "our years," missing the "f."  And I paused at that just now and thought, "Yes, these are our years... our years together, that we have shared, that we have cherished and loved each other and grown and bickered and fought.  And they have been the happiest years of my life yet!

I hope that the future years will forever be "our years."  I never want them to be just mine... they won't ever be just mine, as long as you are around.  You make all my dreams come true... dreams that I have had, new dreams that pop up (you know I dream a lot!)... I am blessed/gifted/spoiled beyond belief by you.  You are the "sponsor" of my life and dreams!    You love me without fail, as I love you.


You are such an amazing, incredible dad to our sweet little Aveline!  You sacrifice so much, being in the US Air Force to provide an amazing life for us.  You support me in everything... and we all know I need a lot of support.
I don't know how I wound up being so lucky to be married to you, but I try not to question or doubt the good things in my life... and you are definitely one of the best things in my life every single day.

We have been through quite a lot these last four years, traveling Europe together, growing in our love and trust and comfort.  I think the next years will continue to be amazing with the purchase of our first house!  Our first real, own home!  And it is a house of dreams for me! 

What else can we expect in our years to come?  Traveling America?!  I hope so!  Exploring the Carribean? Maybe!  Making our home truly ours and us?!  Definitely!  Loving each other and growing even closer together?  Without a doubt!!


I hope the last four years have been as wonderful for you as they have been for me.  I try my hardest to be a great wife and I will do my best to always make you happy and feel loved and cared for.  I love you... for always...

Happy 4 year Anniversary!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Outfit: Intertwined

This week, Stuff n Things is going to be moved to Friday! So stay tuned for something special!
For today's special, a good ol' outfit post... seems like it's been a while since one of those has come up!

It all started with the necklace, then the bag, then the tee...
I don't know if this outfit actually makes sense on paper but I like it! Comfortable, I felt cute (which is always the most important thing) and a bit funky!

It was a busy and awesome day!  I am working really hard at trying to build up my photography experience and portfolio so I had a photoshoot I worked on today. 

Did some shoe shopping (shoe trying for me) and got my mums her birthday present (Frye Boots! omfgfgfgfg! be jealous!)  It was fun trying on really expensive shoes and prancing around the store in my short shorts! I did some sweater-scoping as well... trying to figure out my fall purchase wishlist... I am going back to having a more refined closet... shopaholic-ness has been a bit overwhelming lately... gotta stop spending frivolously!  There are some major purchases to be made in the near future!

The slouchy tee is from Target and although I don't love this shade of purple I am so in love with the fit and feel of this tee I wanted it in every color I could find!  The necklace I bought on vacation in Lake Tahoe and thought it was too cool and unique to pass up! Fun colors and a very different look... almost creepy, but not quite there with having a bunch of rope near my throat. I thought the bag matched the necklace well!  The Harvey's Seatbelt Bag was a $4 find at the Goodwill! 

And say hello to the Michael Kors aviators!!!  Perfect sunglasses!

What I wore:
Tee from Target.  Shorts from Kohl's.  Lucky Brand black leather clogs.  Harvey's Original Seatbelt bag.  Necklace from Lake Tahoe shop.  Michael Kors sunglasses. Guess earrings.

Stay tuned for more good stuff this week!
For reals,
come back!!!!