Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Ride, Real Housewife status now

Do any of you watch any of the Real Housewives shows?  I got sucked into the Beverly Hills one and I love it! Can't get enough of drama that's not mine!
Anyways... I am so so so so excited to share my new ride with you guys!!!  A Lexus GS 300 Sport Design Edition with custom leather interior in pearly white!  I am so blessed!
Her name is Lucille, by the way...

Fave makeup recently: silver gray shadow, dark brows and lashes and a pink lip.

the interior is my fave leather shade.

Love the sun roof!

I love everything about this car!  It drives and rides like a dream.  It is so lux and classy.  It is so me in so many ways... maybe that's why my husband loves it so much too... because he love me!  I have the best husband in the world!

The Real Housewife outfit... look sexy, comfortable, expensive and a little bit ridiculous all at the same time.

What I wore:
Furry vest, sequin tank from Kohls I think. H&M cardigan.  Jeans from Target.  Boots by Qupid.  Accessories from everywhere!  Michael Kors Hamilton tote.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Local Business: Renew Thrift

I am going to try to do better with posting about local businesses that I frequent or find out about or want to share just for fun.  I found a great one!

It is called Renew Boutique and it is a thrift store that benefits homeless women and children at Acres of Hope.  They specialize in gently used women's, children's, accesories and home decor.  You can get on their email list and be alerted for special sales they have.  All the ladies that work there do so on volunteer basis and the shop operates as a not-for-profit vendor. 

It was really surprised at how well curated and displayed and organized the shop was.  The selection was great. The staff was knowledgable of vintage and some of the designer pieces that were in the shop.  I also did not notice anything over $20!

 The shop does not have a website, but you can find them in Old Roseville at 201 Walnut Street open Monday through Saturday 10-5!

I purchased 4 things the day we stopped in... three of the things were off of the $2 rack!!!  This fabulous vintage blouse is one of my fave vintage things I have gotten in a long time!

I wore this outfit for my walkabout in Old Sacramento with my family last week. I love the color palette of this blouse and even though it is up to my throat it is still sexy because of the sheerness of it... super into subtle sexy lately. 

What I wore:
Vintage silk blouse fromm Renew Boutique.  Jeans from Target.  Boots from a shop in Germany.  Steve Madden satchel.  F21 Coat.  Sunnies from Goodwill.

I really hope all my Sactown ladies will head over to Renew for some good finds and to help out a great cause!  You will not be disappointed with your experience there!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outfit: To-do tomorrow

Just a quick outfit post to distract me from the pain of writing my insanely boring business law paper... I am 200 words in and have about a thousand more to go... I think getting started is the hardest part... hard to get the ball rolling on almost anything it seems.

I have a few to-do's on my mind right now and Rainy McStormin is in town so I think I wanna take the time to handle some indoor projects... like setting up my online shop and indoor office studio so I can properly photograph and list the awesome items I have piled up that I need to sell.  I would LOVE to have a set-up like the Fancy Treehouse shop.  But we'll see how it goes. 

I also feel the need to do a wardobe rehab.  It's the new year and I have 2 closets that are a pretty big disaster.  Would anyone want to have a clothing swap anytime soon?  Let me know!  I will post the steps of my wardrobe rehab if anyone is interested to see how it goes.

I wore this the week my grandfather was in town and I liked the backdrop of the empty field. The lack of rain before this last storm has been pretty crazy in making the Sacramento area look almost desert-like... so strange after seeing the overly lush green of Germany for the last three years.

Comfortable outfit, perfect for a breezy day, weird hair....
What I wore:
Tunic from a shop in Germany.  Boots from kohls. Faux fur stole from H&M.  Coat and leggings from F21.  Sunglasses from Wal Mart.  Michael Kors Hamilton tote.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Family

Family is so important.  They know you, (or try to most days) and care for you.  They go out of their way to help you be sane and happy and you do the same for them.
My grandfather came to town this past week and it was amazing to spend time with him and the rest of family as well.  I am trying harder with my photography and I feel blessed to have such beautiful and handsome subjects to photograph!  We went down to Old Sacramento, one of my favorite places and such an amazing area to shoot as a backdrop.

Such a beautiful day!  Candy, starbucks, history...
Couldn't have been better I think!


Ps... isn't my mums so stylish?!  Her Frye boots are to die for!!!