Sunday, May 23, 2010

Outfit of the Day... toddler fashion!

Summer finally feels like it's here... and i swear on everything that my mums brought the California sunshine with her because up until her arrival it was gloomy and foul!

And henceforth... cute outfits are adorned!

Here is Avii being a little chic! I would kill to have this outfit in my size!!!

My little model girl! When she is a teeny bopper I am totally hoping she will still be girlie and cute and love clothes!

This outfit is a compilation of H&M, gymboree, old navy and stride rite!

Perfect play outfit but still rockstar!

I think i will love this outfit with her pink hi top chucks but it was def too warm!

love & toddler fashion,

Queen VII

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is my Bitch Face

I have a lot on my mind right now... and a lot of it is pissing me off... and frankly, I hate to be pissed off. Especially when it is not my problem.

You know that saying "you can't help those who won't help themselves"? I try to internalize that and really understand it. I love my family and friends and am here for them no matter WHAT. Life can totally suck sometimes... it does for everyone. BUT the truth in my world remains that: Life DOES NOT NEED TO BE SO COMPLICATED. I do not let my life be complicated if I can help it. The toughest decisions i normally ever make in a day is "what am i going to wear?" and "what should we have for lunch?" and that is the God's Honest truth! You can bet your biscuits... just ask my husband.

I don't know if everyone is as fortunate as me... I have an amazing husband who loves me and who is good with money and that can be the source of stress for a lot of people... relationships and money I mean... and I dont technically have a job, so I thereby feel like I need to prove that I lack stress, even though some days can be tedious. Anyways. Regardless of your situation I think everyone can be happy. What pisses me the fuck off is when people basically CHOOSE not to be happy. They make the same mistakes over and over and over again and let the same bullshit stink up their lives consistently. It's people like that that I want to write off, because, again "you can't help those who won't help themselves"!!!!! GET IT? makes sense to me!

One of the mottos in life I live by is: It's all about perspective.


I used to suffer from major anxiety at a shit point in my life. And I realized that I really needed to just refocus rather than find a crutch or medications or drugs.

Work sucks: do something about it. Or try to get a new job. Be positive and put forth your best effort til things get better... suck it up!

Relationship sucks: get a mediator and TALK AND LISTEN to each other. Not THAT difficult. Listening and learning your significant other is the ONLY way to make things work.

You're bored/lonely: go for a walk, read a book... there are millions out there! listen to music or pick up a hobby and create something! I made it a point in my brain to NEVER let boredom cross my mind. I think I have become overly passionate about little things. I cook, do crafts, read lots of books, blogging has become awesome to me, photography, facebook, walks, skateboarding, reading magazines, doing my nails, dreaming up outfits. These are all things I do just for ME. Not things I even include Avii in necessarily and she takes up a big part of my day! I like being with people. I like my "me" time. NEVER be bored or lonely. There is no reason.

The next time you try to get sympathy out of me, or pity, or reaction to your bullshit or drama, think about what there REALLY, TRULY is to stress about and know what I will say: THINK POSITIVE. Don't ask me for advice. Don't expect me to help you if you aren't willing to help yourself also. I have overcome some nasty habits, terrible issues and more with the power of positive thinking and wanting to change and using my actions to prove it. I am sick and tired of other people using me and solving nothing in their lives.

We only have this life. It is short. And I truly believe it can be sweet for the most part. Think about the positive things in your life. The awesome clothes you might have, or the car you drive, or that picture you took, or your husband or boyfriend or wife or girlfriend, your spirituality, your health... think about all there is to be grateful for in your life and stop bitching and complaining. If you DO have something to bitch and complain about DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... for fuck's sake!!! Don't be stupid and think that problems will just disappear while you keep thinking negatively. There are many people out there suffering a LOT worse than you... think about the unfortunate in the Middle East, people dying and losing family members, children suffering abuse and starvation. THOSE are issues to be sad for. I have love and sympathy for all my family and friends. But I will never pity you if you bring your bullshit drama to yourself.


sorry for being a bitch... but, not really.

Queen VII

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

I am tired so this is going to be short and sweet.
The hash recipe I made off of smitten kitten was so good I went back to the store, bought more asparagus (grun spargel in german) and made it again... this time did not gorge.

I am tired of cleaning... so tomorrow is going to be fun getting ready stuff... like finishing decorating and doing nails and hair... learning to use my camera a bit more.

I have an awesome list of fun things to do building up! Hopefully the weather will get even a little bit better to make it easier and more inspiring to get around... and inspire awesome new outfits!

I have been so tired lately... i think I need to start taking my vitamins again... and iron pills as well. Coffee is not always my friend.
Anyways... can't stay awake any longer!
Queen VII

ps... what colors should i do my nails tomorrow?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Photography... walkabouts

Today has been kinda a lazy but busy monday... The Hubz was off and we stayed in all day... in our sweats... cleaning, watching Glee and just had an amazing dinner courtesy of a recipe from I am so excited to be spring cleaning and getting ready for my mums to be here on Thursday! It's so crazy and awesome that she is coming on her own, just finished with nursing school. I am beyond proud of her...

It's crazy to think about how completely different I am from my mum, but we get along so well and like a lot of the same things... we are on such a similar frequency... there have been countless times when we have been shopping and she will pick something up that I will already be holding, or vice versa. But our styles are so different now... she is tan and beautiful and dresses better than most people I know. Her house is an oasis of neutrals and dark jewel tones. I am pale and punky and my house has all the colors of the rainbow with splashes of black and white! Sometimes we don't always agree on things, but we always get along and have fun together... and her and Avii have the best most crazy silly bond! This trip is going to be a nice vacation and I am going to see to it that she eats lots of yummy food (she cooks amazing, but again, my style of cooking is SO different from hers), relaxes, sees some great amazing, awesome sites... and if she reads it will either be travel books, magazines, blogs or Danielle Steele! And she will model for me... I want her to be her crazy, relaxed, beautiful self... she has been so so so busy. Hopefully she can bring me some California Sunshine!!!!

Yesterday was the first fully sunny, nice day we had. It was a little chilly, but perfect otherwise... our friends invited us to go romp about in the woods and I found some inspiration... I have been disappointedly lacking... and having a new camera I need to have some ideas!!!!

I have always wanted to do a railroad tracks photoshoot... definitely did some location scouting while walking out in the woods!

So I gotta get back to cleaning and whatnot. This was a nice break!


Queen VII

Outfit of the Day.... Crybaby Drape

I love the movie Crybaby! Johnny Depp, Hatchet Face... Wanda was my favorite. The music, the clothes, the ridiculous take on everything... they made being trashy look so awesome!

I got this top at H&M... it made me think of the Betsey Johnson prison stripes! Comfy, slouchy, still kind of sexy...

With my makeup, I am trying to be a little more diverse. I decided to do heavy black liquid liner on top and just white liner and shadow underneath and lots of mascara and pink lipgloss!

Top, Bracelets: H&M

Leggings, Bracelet, Necklace, Belt: F21

Chain Mail Bag: Thrifted!!!! Mother's day present from the Hubz :-)


I felt awesome being stripey, wearing chucks and totally over accessorized. If I ever went to jail for anything... it would probably be for sneaking into and staying in an awesome department store overnight and dressing up and playing photoshoot! :-) The plan works in my imagination at least :-)

Here is my crybaby tribute:

What would you be willing to go to "jail" for :-)???

Love and stripes,

Queen VII

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Outfit of the Day...

Sailor inspired fashion is nothing new... and I have always loved it... nautical stripes, navy blue, anchors... one time I even bought a pair of sailor button jeans... the peacoat is always a favorite.

Who is everyone's favorite sailor? Popeye of course!!!! and there is no popeye without Bluto!

So here is what I wore yesterday... this muggy, overcast, wet weather we are having is clearly making me miss the coast and the ocean.

I dont really remember Popeye cartoons looking like this!!:

The hat and purse are both from Goodwill.

Blazer is thrifted from here in Germany.

Grey tee from H&M... softest material EVER! Bangles also from H&M.

Vintage Betsey Johnson treasure necklace!!! My fave... haven't worn it in a while.

Tights and studded skinny belt and brooch are from F21. The tights are actually a really cool black and brown slashy design but opaque.

Boots I think i got at a Ross... shorts are from Target a few years ago...

Chanel crystal stud earrings.

It is middle of May and things should be getting sunnier and warmer.... aaaand they aren't. Not til sunday at least. My mums gets in on next Thursday... I think I'll start stressing a little on Sunday...


Queen VII

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two years down...

One more to go!

It's crazy to think that 2 years ago today I was on a plane headed to live in Germany... I had hardly thought I would ever even visit Europe. Being in California it seemed like it was a million miles away... SO many of my dreams have come true in the last 2 years and I have some amazing more journies to come this next and last year. I need to truly take advantage and savor this last year!

These are some highlights of the last 2 years we have been here and traveled!


Berlin and the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and Memorial for the Murdered Jews of the Holocaust

Amsterdam - Anne Frank's House, the art of the Rijk Museum including a temporary exhibit by Damien Hirst.

Munich - Oktoberfest and the Neuschwanstein Castle

Darmstadt - the Frankenstein Castle

Reims - the Notre Dame Cathedral there and the Champagne region of France.

Beautiful Switzerland!!!

Metz, France - the Chagall window of St. Etienne

Holland, for being a country I never knew I could love so so so much!

Paris, the city that has stolen my heart... I can hardly choose one picture... i will blog a long blog about it...

There are so many many more places we have been that I am not going to catalogue here... some of them I think I will write a more in depth blog about such as the Rhein River excursion or Prague. I feel like I am a more well rounded and knowledgeable person from having traveled so much and I feel so fortunate to have a husband who is good enough with our finances to be able to afford everything I come up with to do!

Coming up soon, Ireland! Italy! South of France! Paris for a final time! The North Sea Beach!

One more year to go, then back to reality....


Queen VII

Mother's Day 2010

Being a mother is the greatest and best thing about my life. I have a little girl who I get to spend every wonderful day with. She amazes me beyond words. I live 8,000 miles away from my family and closest friends, but she fills my heart with love and happiness and never lets me feel lonely! And I have to thank my wonderful husband for being the one who makes it possible for me to live the wonderful life that I do!

My day had to be on monday because my firefighter husband had to work sunday... which was fine because sundays are so boring out here anyways. Everything is closed. I woke up to Orchids and Donuts!!

We ate, I got super beautiful cards and a vintage chain mail purse and a cute decoration sign for my dressing room! We got ready and headed out of town to Mannheim to go shopping!!! I got some really cute stuff... it was almost better than if he had bought me something to open. The act of shopping was a gift in itself! So fun! Mannheim seems like a really cool city too. Much bigger and better than Kaiserslautern where we live!

We headed back homewards and were going to eat at a restuarant but decided we'll go on Wednesday instead... it will be better. We ate leftover fajitas though, so I still did not have to cook! Went out and drank some guinness and had game night with friends... It was a really fulfilling and fun day!!!

We are such geeks!!! I Love LOVE LOVE her!!!!

I am so lucky! I never thought I would be a mom so soon and now I am done celebrating my 3rd one!!!! Crazy!!! Now I gotta start father's day shopping for the best daddy in the world!

Love and roses,

Queen VII

Outfit of the Days... favorite

As much as I LOVE dressing crazy and fancy and colorful and excessive, I kinda feel like this outfit is who I really am a lot of the time. This is my favorite, most comfortable outfit. My husband compliments me everytime I wear this.

Things don't always have to be so complicated is what I am trying to say I guess.

Black American Apparel Deep V Neck t-shirt.

Abercrombie & Fitch Erin Skinny jeans.

Betsey Johnson Purse.

Black Tall Classic Uggs.

Black wool beret from Paris.

Betsey Johnson earrings from my best friend.

Flower cutout cuff from Charlotte Russe.

Rose Cameo ring my husband bought me from F21.

Crazy painted nails.

Hints of blue hair...

I really like this new enamel rose necklace.

The nose ring... had it for about a year now... can't get up the courage to change from pink... i am too self conscious about mixing metals... pink is girlie and totally neutral to silver and gold.

I will always wear too much eyeliner, lots of lipgloss and hairspray for days!

I will not part with my beauty mark.

So until next time....

Queen VII