Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saarbrucken Sushi

So being a California girl, I think I have a pretty good understanding of what good sushi is... although I have never been to Japan...  Being in Germany, one is landlocked and possibly a little deprived in the the fresh fruits of the sea department.  But they do the best they can with what they have!  Saarbrucken is a cool city near the French border so you get an interesting blend of people there.  All you can eat sushi by the river was an awesome treat!

We didn't get to explore too much of the city, except all I know is that the shopping is definitely better!  The Berliner Promenade is awesome!  Huge H&M!  A Huge Zara!!!!  I can't wait to go back when I can actually afford to shop!  The children's clothes are beyond beautiful... and not as pricey as I would have originally thought.  The sales are great.  Anyways... It was pouring rain and I was going to wear a totally different outfit that did not allow for boots, so instead I opted for a shirtdress, tights and boots.  I did my hair yesterday and it was still blown out, so a hat in the rain was a must.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and I was almost a little too warm with the boots, but whatever.
We need to come back to Saarbrucken to explore the churches and the Schloss (castle) and Museum.

What do you think of the straight hair?  I am not a huge fan... I like my big crazy somewhat curly hair better, but this is a change.  It's just hard to keep it looking ok when I live in such a wet climate.

Yellow striped Tunic, Camel boots from ONLY.
Floppy hat, tights from Forever 21.
Coach and Forever 21 accessories.
Longchamp Bag.

Queen VII

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fall/Winter wishes...

It seems like summer was short-lived... unless it is going to make a comeback with a vengeance!  (This is why I don't invest much in bathsuits!).  It is in the 60's and pouring rain right now... making me feel totally in between seasons and making me bring out the teas and red wines I drink when it's chilly.

I am addicted to fall... it is my favorite season... I am a jeans & boots kinda girl!!!  I have a fetish for scarves!  For the last couple years I have been doing pretty good in the hats/beret department... 

This year I am hoping to add more to the scarf and hat collection and also to the stocking section!  I get enough jeans-wear in the winter when it is snowing or raining constantly.  This fall I definitely want to rock some stockings before it gets into the 30's F weather!

I am pretty curious about what the fall trends will be... well regardless of what they will be I am more curious about what I will be able to wear, what will be in here in Germany... so on and so forth.  Anyhow... here are a few things on my wish list:

American Apparel Wool Floppy hat.  $40, which seems like a lot compared to my $6.50 straw one from F21, but I love the floppy hat look and the wool would be the best material!!!!

Hunter Wellingtons, $125.  The rain boots of the queen!  I know I won't get them, so I will happily settle for...

Nomad Hurrican Wellies, $55.  I am not about to ruin another pair of Uggs by wearing them out in the rain!
I am debating between the pretty anorak (40 euros) and a classic trench (50 euros).  These are both from H&M.  Very few shops have jackets and coats out for fall yet though, so I will definitely wait.

I'll leave it at that for the moment!  Hat, Jacket, Boots.
What's on your wishlist for fall/winter?

Queen VII

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trust in Love and Lollipops

I wore this yesterday!  It was a dreary summer day in Germany and I almost liked it until it started to downpour... but it wasn't cold out so it was alright!

I didn't mean to get these pictures done with the lollipop, but I looked up at the sky and seized the moment.  Overcast skies are the best for lighting, I think!!! (except for glare... that explains my squinty, mean-girl looks.  I think I am a bit photophobic.)

About the outfit... I loved this tank top!!!  "Trust in Love."  Not to be cheesey, but I seriously believe that love can make so many things better.  On my back, my tattoo says "Love conquers all" in Latin.  I am a sucker for love I guess... I love easily...  Trust is another issue... but if I do love you, I will trust in you... most likely.  

What am I trying to say here???

Don't be difficult ... love people!!!

It's ok!

Tank top from New Yorker (4,95 euros!!)
Vintage beaded sweater vest
Accessories from Forever 21 and Claires
Side zipper Leggings from Forever 21
Black Converse Chuck T's
Harvey's Original Seatbelt Bag
Butterscotch dumdum!

Queen VII

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seeing blue

There are times in your life when you meet people who are so akin to what you have been through and where you want to go... those people come into your life for a reason.  I feel very blessed for all of the friends I do have and love them dearly!  Pia is a newer friend of mine and she is so fun!  She is a lover of modeling and clothes and just having a good time!  She is a kindred spirit and I adore her!  She is fun, beautiful, kind as can be and so silly!  She is also the first German friend I have made out here, which says a lot considering I have been here for over two years already.
We had a girls night out and here are some of the results of our camera fun fetish!

Soft sheer crop top from H&M.
Vintage blue silk skirt.
Chinese Laundry shoes.
Betsey Johnson purse.
I think I am going to write about my friends more often!!!
Queen VII

Overdo it...

The weekend is here... not that it means too much to me and my family.  We are on a different schedule... Sunday, Monday, Tuesday is actually my "weekend" every other week with my family.  And I still have homework to do now that I have started school!
The weather has totally changed and I kind of like it!  If finally was cool enough to wear jeans!  And I am a total jeans person!  Hopefully the weather is good enough for us to go to Rothenburg or Saarbrucken this "weekend."  Those are the plans.
Style tip for the week:  Wear your jeans and a tee or tank and wear a billion and one accessories!  You'll feel fancy! I swear!

Forever 21 stretch skinny jeans, Jadore ring, bracelet, cross and pearl necklace.
H&M sheer white tank and sandals.
Betsey Johnson necklace.
Vintage Coach purse.

Have a great weekend peeps!  Let me know how yours goes!!!

Queen VII

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Halloween thoughts...

If you don't already know... I have a sllliiight obsession with Halloween... I think about it all year long!  Seriously!  I think up and dream up costumes non-stop!  I always have... and it being only 3 months away I am a-plannin!!!!!!

I am not trying to give away too much info but I am planning on either being a sexy clown or a hottie droog from A Clockwork Orange... of course I want to coordinate with the husband because it makes for better pictures.  I think if I am a sexy clown he should be a French mime sort of clown (because that would be so sexy on him!) or a trampy Charlie Chaplin type!  He could totally rock that look!  And if I am a droog then he must be one as well!

There is something more fun about putting a costume together, rather than just buying a packaged one.  Or if I buy a packaged one, I like to add my own touches to it to make it more fun and unique!  I also like it to be sort of stylish!

I am seeking inspiration from these photos!!! What do you think?! What do you want to be for Halloween?

Queen VII

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Shirt Dress theory

When it is hot, so hot everything feels too tight, too sticky and uncomfortable, all I reach for in my closet is soft, loose jersey knit!  I guess this shirt/dress was on my wishlist and my awesome husband got it for me for my birthday!  I had to modify it a little and cut the loops where the belt would have gone and cinched it around my waist rather than my hips...  Much improved I think!  And FYI I am always PRO for wearing a shirt as a dress if deemed necessary or sexy!

Dress/Shirt, Jadore ring, Cameo on purse  F21.
Coach Bracelet, Fossil Watch.
Thrifted Purse.
Old Navy espadrilles from probably 6 seasons ago.

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and felt comfortable in the fact there was a breeze I could actually feel!  It was a fun day spent downtown and running errands then going out for Mexican food... Mexican food in Germany... I'm just gonna say: NOT a good idea, but nice try :-)   Stickin to Palatinate German, Italian and Turkish food!

Queen VII 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funday...

So this Sunday has not been the most exciting. The Hubz has been working night shifts during a crazy exercise mock terrorism strike dealio... it sucks he says... they have to wear an entire chemwarfare outfit under their firebunkers... so basically they are a buncha sweaty ballzac guys who look like space man baked potatoes... BUT he gets to wear this underneath:

,55 Euro cents was well spent! Hahahaha!!!

Anyways... so we had enough time to go for a walk and then come back home to cook some spaghetti. It is incredible to me still that we live where we do. It is just so beautiful... henceforth I am going to attempt to do some hiking round abouts our home and castle!
I also spotted a few good photo sites! Excited and inspired!!!

I got to rock out my brand spankin new red Converse Hi-tops!!!! Playboy t-shirt and thrifted jean shorts!!!

Along our walk we spotted a moving dried up shrubbery... I think it was a hedgehog~~~

Anyways... i think i am going to sink into a melatonin coma and get some rest... the sun is shining bright still, which is always weird... tomorrow I think I will get up early and explore the woods more in depth!

Queen VII

Saturday, July 17, 2010


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Old fashioned...

In the spirit of summer I am open to trying new drinks and cocktails! There are parties, barbeques, sleepovers and such going on! Why not have fun with the snacks and cocktails?!

Upon discovering some easy mixers and recipes I have been introduced to and love the Whiskey Sour and Tom Collins!

The Whiskey Sour is simple syrup, citrus and whiskey garnished with cherry and a orange wedge. It is sweet and refreshing and goes down so smooth!!! I prefer it with Jameson or Seagrams Seven whiskey best. I think Jack D or Crown would make it a little too complicated, but to each his own.

In my endeavors to enjoy gin I have discovered the Tom Collins! Simple syrup, lemon juice, soda water and gin garnished with a cherry and a twist. I think my dedication to try and enjoy gin comes from my devotion to British Literature. I try to identify to a certain degree with what I read. Plus, my infatuation with 1960's America is prevalent!

anyways... I am going to enjoy my drink!!!!

Queen VII

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tutti Frutti

Do you ever find a dress that just seems to scream out to you, you race to the wrack before anyone else gets a chance to grab it, you pull it off the hanger and hold it against you praying but still knowing it WILL fit you? This was said dress.

I had to have it! And it fit! I twirled in it in the dressing room and I twirled once I wore it outside. My daughter kept saying I looked like a princess and asked if she could have it when she gets "bigger and bigger." This was probably the best $3 I have spent in a long time!

I have lately been very inspired by the lovely ladies of the 60's... the posh and proper... I paired the dress with the biggest pearls I had in my drawer.

Vintage dress.
Vintage Coach purse.
My mother's pearls.
Pearl earrings from F21.
Turquoise flats from Charlotte Russe.

Queen VII