Thursday, August 30, 2012

Outfit: Ktk Tribute!

Here is a quick post of what I wore yesterday to my bff's birthday dinner at YardHouse, where we indulged in steak, decadent mac n cheese, and perfect truffle fries... It was so wonderful to be able to spend some one-on-one time with her and get to eat and chat for a couple hours.  I should have gotten a pic of HER outfit... so Ktk, if you are reading this, that outfit needs a DO over, because you looked fabulous!  I am sooo blessed, lucky and fortunate to have such an amazing, wonderful, gorgeous friend...
I don't know if it's all just residual from my SATC marathon, but I was feeling super "Carrie" with one of the girls (not sure who Ktk identifies herself with... I see her as having a Miranda/Charlotte personality: a go getter, wants her man, artistic, self-motivated, intuitive, sexy but not over-the-top).  And just like the girls on the show, I feel that Ktk is one of my friendship soul-mates... celebrating her birthday is super important and I hope we keep on going!

This outfit is almost all gifted from Ktk!!!  The Dress, necklace, earrings, bracelet from her.  Longchamp bag in Fir.  Sandals, Eli Tahari, thrifted.

I feel like September is going to be a good month for me.  The last month or so has been a whirlwind, with Aveline starting school, not being 100% healthy, school is busy, the heat wave putting me in a slump.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like sunshine is the forecast.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miss Golightly

There were multiple things that inspired me to do this shoot with my gorgeous little girl... My love of fashion, black dresses and jewels, my core love of New York, the iconic Audrey Hepburn adoration, all things girlie, shopping, coffee and cake, couture for the poor...

The character of Holly Golightly is so interesting to me... so glamourous, so childish, innocent, yet deep.  Taking pleasures in the small things in life...
That's my Aveline...

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, beautiful, silly little muse to love in my life...
All photos by VII.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Outfit: oh so thin

One might not think, by the regular appearance of things on this blog, but I love tees.
The softer and slouchier, the better.
Nothing crazy with screenprints or designs...
I would choose jersey-knit over silk any day of the week.
Another thing... since I was a teen I have enjoyed cutting up and deconstructing tees... mostly to the failure, but still. I love them.
This tee is like the Holy Grail of tees for me.
Tissue thin.
Web-like shredding.
Sexy, light, yet tough all in one top!

 I was very happy and lucky to have my amazing friend Katie, shoot these photos for me.  It was nice having a change of scenery and not need to set up the tripod.  Check out her photography page and LIKE her FB

Buy a similar top HERE or HERE  I bought mine at a boutique in Tahoe.

What I wore:
Shredded tee.
Shorts from H&M.
Bustier from Aerie.
Thrifted sandals.
Earrings, gift.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Their Style: Veronica Lace

I admire street style blogs so much.  I find it so inspiring to see outfits on people that are self-styled, pieced together well and on people that love their clothes.
My mum is the ultimate fashionista in my life.  95 percent (or more) of the time she dresses so much better than I, and it's effortless!  She just throws outfits together, never pre-planned and she always looks so amazing and well dressed.  On top of it, the woman knows how to SHOP, find a great deal, and look like a million bucks.

I loved this outfit! The tunic top is from a boutique in So. Lake Tahoe and is silk, lace and so frilly and delicate.  I love how she styled it with the pearls and the pumps.  She carried her new LV but I did not get it in the photos. 
Love her outfit! love her!

I need to step up and not be so shy.  Maybe I can get some more style photo blogs going on like this!  Ladies, dress up for me!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Outfit: Hot Skip Jump

Oy... it's hot.
It's 9 in the morning and the a/c kicks on.
Not that I am complaining, being fortunate enough to have working a/c and not having to work outdoors and suffer like I see a lot of people doing.
I am just a baby about the heat and do not handle it well at all. 
I am a temperate creature.  I enjoy the 70's and overcast weather.
Too bad we can't move to SF.

I must say that I cheated a bit with this outfit... it evolved throughout the day... but this is what was intended and what started out:

I kinda photobombed this blog with pics of this outfit.  Something about wearing these sneakers made me want to twist and turn and jump around a little extra.  The stripes and geo print together was fun to wear as well!

 If you know me, you know I am not one to run around in the normal sorts of sneakers... my Nikes are for the gym and that is all! Sneakers to me are Chuck Taylors or Toms or the occasional Vans.  These hidden wedge ones are AWESOME and I could not resist.  The Isabel Marant ones are over $1000 new, and there is NO way I would ever pay that much for a pair of shoes, let alone sneakers.  I won't even pay $100!

The only thing that changed was during Aveline's cheer practice I switched to cobalt blue shorts, wore sandals and lost the bracelets.  It was tooooo hott.

What I wore:
H&M Skirt.
Top from Love Culture.
Sneakers from JCPenney's.
Bracelet from Tanzania, Africa.
Michael Kors Aviators.

I am off to watch some Boardwalk Empire... my new addiction!


PS... I know a lot of people that read my blog and either think I am completely narcissistic for taking so many photos of myself, OR they think I know how to pose like a model... well, guys and dolls... I take a lot of photos where I look like this:
 COMPLETE GOOBER NERD.  Photoblog FAIL, right here!  Jussayin... this really happens, more than you know... especially with action shots like a jump! It's safer to stick with model-y poses.  Leave the big stuff to Coco Rocha!
Hope that gave some of you a laugh. I am now embarrassed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outfit: Hugs and Ruffles

Another hot one... and I am not feeling so good.  What's more comfortable than soft ruffled shorts and a loose, scrubby, square jerseyknit blouse?

 Went and had lunch with my mums and grumpy-tired Aveline at a nice little Italian restaurant that I won a raffled gift card to.  It was decent.  The food was simple and fresh made.  The drinks/cocktails list looked pretty interesting.

I am happy that I will spend the rest of the day doing laundry, cleaning up in the front yard and NOT being on the computer anymore.

I have been keeping up on the blogs of Chiara and the Coast to Coast trip she has been doing with her team.  It is incredible and I would love to do such an awesome road trip with my husband and Aveline some day.  It would definitely be the trip of a lifetime!

What I wore:
Jersey top, bought at Marshall's (old).  
Shorts bought off ebay.  
Michael Kors Grayson satchel.  
Sandals from TJ Maxx. 

xoxo... Vanessa 

PS... i think I want to start a Gossip Girl marathon... anyone have the DVDs?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Outfit: Carrie B. Inspired

I finally did it!!!  It took me a few months I think, but I finished my Sex and the City Marathon... All Six seasons and Two movies.
Not having Jorden around I am on a chick-flick and drama marathon, preferably films and shows with awesome fashion.
The character of Carrie Bradshaw has the most amazing style that I relate to... the mix of high end, thrift, vintage, high street, boy-tough with girly-glitz, add a little whimsy... it is ME!
Here is my perfect Carrie Bradshaw inspired outfit and one of my fave looks in a long time!

Holey scrubby boyfriend jeans that fit perfectly, a girly blousy top and "expensive" heels, hot pink funky jewelry... can you see the Carrie in this?

What I really admire and feel like I try to embody about having an ecclectic style is the idea that anyone can look fabulous, no matter what the cost, but you just have to TRY, and by God, do I TRY!!  Wear those heels with boy jeans or cargo pants! Put on some accessories. Rock your bigass hair.  You will never regret a good outfit day.

What I wore:
Top, not sure what store but it was under $10.  Jeans and Happy necklace from F21. Shoes, thrifted.  Michael Kors belt, thrifted. Michael Kors Jetset tote. Gifted earrings and bracelet. Walmart aviators.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Redesign: Office and Living Room

Actually, it's more like additions and adjustments to details.  I take a lot of pride in my home, as I do my appearance and I do my best to make it feel like a representation of me and my family, our lives and our loves.  Comfort, color, unique, thrifty and special are all elements of my decor.  I don't know if you have read this previous post on the before and after on our house reno but we have really come a looong way in less than a full year.

A room in my home that was seriously lacking attention and organization was my OFFICE.  It had the white bookcase, the white desk and not too much else.   Originally I had hopes for setting up the room as an in-home photobooth, but I am making the space much more useable.  The rug, my Moulin Rouge prints from Paris and the red frames were all from our home in Germany.  The all-white became white with dashes of red and black.

New Additions:  
Ikea short cubical bookcase- $30.
LACK side table as tv stand - $8, 
Red and white boxes for storage/organization - about $10.

New additions:  Ikea red swivel frame $1. 
Ikea red clock - $10. 
Chess piece and chalk board from Target - $5 both.  
Black matted frame from dollar tree - $1 (aren't my bff's boys the cutest?!) 

For the other side of the office...
I used the old tv stand and dvd case as Aveline's new work space, and I moved her old, shorter table inside the closet to use as a shelf/organizer.  All the shopping bags are from my travels in Europe and a few favorite American brands like MK, RVCA and American Apparel.  The black trunk holds my camera equipment and works as extra seating in the office.  Aveline installed the tiki hut for her new Squirmmel...

New Additions:
Tiki birdhouse, Ross - $8
Squirmmel - $1

My other space seriously, seriously lacking some creativity was my front living room.  So lacking color and so boring!   Not anymore!!!

New Additions:
Green rug, Ross - $25
Chartreuse Eiffel Tower pillow, Marshall's - thanks Mums!!!
Damask pillow, Ross - $7

The green and the texture bring this room into the rest of the home so well.  The Damask ups the class, the rug goes well with the corner vase and grassy plant. The Eiffel Tower pillow is just perfection!

The family room has had a few updates as well!

New Additions:
Two throw pillows with swirled stitching, DD's - $4 each!!! $8 total!

I am liking my mantle a lot.  I might change a couple of the photos, but we'll get to that later.  I wanted to feel out this type of cluster.

The Innes Master bedroom is getting better... more small details, but trying not to clutter.

The pieces around the room vary in newness.  Some things I have just been trying to highlight.  I have a think for greens obviously, and ovals as well.  I love my Laduree' logo in the white ikea oval frame, next to my Venetian mask and handpainted box from one of my best friends Courtney.  The metal print I am still trying to feel out where I want it.  right now it is by the new side table/storage that will hold scarves in the fall and winter most likely.  

New additions:
Green necklace hanger/stand, Ross - $6

So with $120, some rearranging, some reuse, and some imagination I have managed to make my home more organized and nicely decorated!  I just hope the husband approves, which I think he will... maybe not the unexpected $120 part, but I don't think that's too much damage  to the account.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!