Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Miu Miu Obsession

Is anyone else tired of the Miu Miu Spring 2010 shoe fetish?!!? They are everywhere and always online in blogs and in magazines.

I think a satin shoe has a death wish... BUT these seem to be a new fashion iconic piece. Maybe I am just jealous... who doesn't love the kitty cat print or the incredibly girlie pink and black with the chandelier crystals on them! Grrr... I am just being bitter... they are wonderful. I am rather fond of the flats too though. I guess I have other things to spend $500+ on...


Queen VII

What a HUMP day!

So today was kind of a crazy day in both good and bad aspects. It was hot as hell of course... I don't handle heat well... it makes me so sluggish and tired feeling... and i am tired of feeling tired all the time. I slept in with Aveline until 11 this morning which is completely ridiculous!

We got up, went on base and rented some movies, blah blah blah. Our main goal was getting to the thrift store when it opened at 2 so we could by the "bones game" that Aveline has been asking for for over a week (Operation, people!). They didn't have it but she was satisfied with getting Hi Ho Cherry-O. We were mutually happy with scoring the Brave Little Toaster and Monsters Inc. on vhs. And I was happy with some amazing premium Levi's, a knockoff le pliage tote that is new, and a mesh top! All for 9 bucks!

After thrifting we headed downtown to find a birthday present, a shopping trolley and a shirt for Aveline for Independence day. All of the above were found on top of a chartreuse skirt for 1 euro! and a summer dress marked down and a straw hat. Hats are necessary for frizz muggy days! Yeah, i am going to get yelled at! Maybe I need to turn my atm card in... my husband is going to kill me! I have a shopping problem and I think it's back! Too many good deals and a decent euro rate! Ack!

I have been needing/wanting a shopping trolley! I want to use it when we go to Legoland, to the pool, on picnics... so much easier than lugging bags and a cooler around!

So after shopping I got a negative phone call from the hubz, wondering what I was doing downtown... I had warned him to change my tire last night because it looked low and I had errands to run. SO, shitty phone call, then predicted flat tire!!!! I was stuck downtown and wound up having to change my tire... I was wearing a mini skirt!!!

A nice German guy came up to me to help poor little girlie me. He helped and then asked if I could teach his son English because his girlfriend is in New Jersey?!?! I told him I don't speak German. He said it was ok!!! Can't someone just do a good deed and then go on with life?! Geez! I do! Luckily my spare had air in it and it is a full size tire and not just a little donut!

I am done for the day... going to wash some of my thrifted items, organize some things and chillax! Hectic day!!!!

Sorry if I look a little haggard. It was a crazy day. Everything happened within about 3-4 hours too! This is what I wore today!

H&M mini skirt, Crop top from C&A. F21 gladiator sandals.

Hopefully your Wednesday is better than mine!


Queen VII

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thrifting Excursion

Today was awesome and I am so stupid for not thinking about it before... I finally figured out that German thrift stores are called "Second Hand" shops. Henceforth look up "second hand shops" in the local phone directory and there you have it! We found 4 within 1000 meters!!

There is little more I enjoy shopping for than awesome vintage pieces. Thrifting in Germany proved to be rather interesting!

What surprised me most was the prices of things considering I could hardly find one designer label. Prices like 9,80. 14,70. 37,90. I managed to find an amazing cobalt blue silk pencil skirt for 1 euro, a leopard print jumper for 4,50 and a awesomely perfect vintage bikini for 5,70!!!!

My most important thrifting tip is never shop for reliable basics. You have H&M, Forever 21 and department stores for your black and white tees and tanks and jeans. Search for awesome pieces that will stand out and make your outfit amazing or unique!

My outfit:

Thrifted jean dress, lace tanktop shell, belt.

Forever 21 floppy hat.

Longchamp bag.

Strappy Espadrilles!

Go summer thrifting and see what you find!


Queen VII

Monday, June 28, 2010

Outfit... summer lovin.

Two years ago I found these awesome round hay bales! I am a city city suburb city girl and damn proud of it, but I had never seen bales like these... I thought they made for great photo scenery. So I am back again taking new pics with them... couldn't resist!

I don't claim to be outdoorsy... I can handle the outdoors in small doses... I am trying to get better about it. Aveline loves playing outside! It has been getting nice and hot here in Germany which is fine except for lack of a/c. Been to the pool twice so far and see us going there again quite soon!

My favorite time of day is dusk, when the air is starting to cool down and the sun is golden... We went out to dinner this evening and it was fun to get a little dressed up and make a stop to take some pictures on the hay bales.

It's summer time and it can be easy for me to recede and hide and try to stay made in the shade, but I got a lot going on... getting back to school, getting my photography going and being really into my blog. I really want to expand and get more readers! I need to deal with the heat, enjoy it and keep chuggin along!

I am wearing:

H&M tank top.

Shorts bought at the BX.

Thrifted belt and purse.

Pearls, from my mom and other accessories from F21.

Beaded satin espadrilles.


Queen VII

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outfit... ready to work!

Today was finally nice and warm!!! it only made me realize that there is no point in even attempting to try to get a tan around here. The clouds will be back before there is any chance of making the tan last... anyways... however, today was a perfect day to work and work for me is photography!!!!

I chose to do my outfit pics back on the white wall again!!! LOVE the new espadrilles my hunny bought for me. I was looking for the perfect ones and found them in Frankfurt for 15 euros!!! I like that they are not too tall! Perfect and girly yet comfortable.

Felt comfortable today and prepped for a photoshoot. Wearing shorts from Target, H&M sheer tank top. Espadrilles bought in Frankfurt, thrifted denim vest, the Longchamp bag reappears and Betsey Johnson accessories!

Got lots of photo editing to do tomorrow!


Queen VII

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outfit... minty grey day

Today I got dressed and ready to go and suddenly all plans were canceled... so I dont know if it counts as an outfit that I wore if I didn't wear it for more than a number of hours... I think I will wear it tomorrow if anything. I really like the color combination... inspired by my mint and gray nails! I also tried to rock a braid... I really love the long thick messy viking braids... I might need to try to braid in some hair extensions to make it really long and thicker.

I am going to whine about the weather... It is so unpredictable. I have been freezing for the last couple days. I need to be more creative about what I wear while things are at least decent outside... we'll see.

Minty top, camel colored shoes and belt all bought at shops here in Germany.
Grey cardigan from Kohls.
Erin Skinny Jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch.
Vintage Coach purse, thrifted.
Grey pearls.
Enamel rose earrings from F21.

Queen VII

Outfit... technik museum

The Landesmuseum in Mannheim was awesome and I chose to dress comfortable... Museums are always places to have fun adventures and learn a lot and take a million pictures... I was ready!

I was wearing a fun stripey yellow tunic top that is long enough to be a mini dress. I have some tights and boots I can't wait to pair with it maybe in the fall or on a rainy day.
The "football shoes" as my husband calls them made an appearance as well! I have been stuck lately between dressing girlie or a little boyish... Trying to have a blend of both. I think I have also just wanted to be comfortable lately.

Forever 21 Jeans. Yellow and White stripe top from a shop in Kaiserslautern. Shoes from Kaiserslautern as well. Vintage Coach purse! (awesome recent thrift find!!!!) Belt from C&A. Pearls, Coach bangle bracelet. Fossil Watch. Nikon D5000.

I love how Aveline is looking at me in this goofy mirror picture. She is so precious!

Queen VII

Father's Day!!!!

I just want to say Happy Father's Day to my dad, Mike Garcia, who is the coolest day in the world! I love him and miss him sooo much. It's hard being 8,000 miles away from the people I love most. I love you Dad!!! Thank you for all that you do for your family!

And of course I am going to speak on behalf of Aveline and say Happy Father's Day to Jorden... my love and other half... he is the best Daddy to the best little girl in the world. He is wonderful beyond words to us and he is so devoted and loving. We both love him so much and feel so lucky every day. I love him more more being such a great daddy to our little life!

HAPPY Father's Day!!!!!!! Girls wouldn't be the same without such great dads!

Queen VII

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outfit... footballs and boy clothes

Today has gone by much too fast! Went to an appointment that didn't go right, had an awesome omelette and then when thrifting again!!!! only scored two good things... a vintage camel colored leather coach purse... it is SO cute. I might need to force myself to stop using my Longchamp bag... and a J. Crew navy blue skirt. I am going to be watching Mad Men for the next few hours most likely now...

My husband said my shoes reminded him of footballs... I don't know... I guess they kinda look like footballs! My inspiration for this outfit came from Calivintage. Kinda boyish... but still girlie with the pearls and whatnot!

Thrifted blazer.
White burnout tee.
F21 Jeans.
"Football" sneakers.
Braided belt.
Longchamp purse.
Pearls and things.

Queen VII

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outfit... playing at the firestation

I have had a very busy and fun day... ended up shopping a little, running errands and making terriyaki chicken and headed over to the firestation to have dinner with my hubz! Ate 3 cupcakes... but that's besides the point.

I wore my new sweater thing from the Frankfurt Hollister! It was a chilly windy day and the winds are even stronger over on the flightline where his station is.

Sitting on the shitty broken engine.

This is one of the crash trucks! It discharges a LOT of water. i got a demonstration today!

Hollister sweater over H&M tank.

Stretc denim jeans.

Shoes from Visions.

Longchamp bag (cannot get enough!).


Queen VII

Frankfurt for the Day!

Yesterday we took a little trip to Frankfurt which is only about an hour and a half away. We thought it was going to be a bad weather day but it turned out to be so lovely! We enjoyed our goal of the trip which was the mall. We found 2! The cool thing about the first one was that it had a roof garden viewpoint of the city!

I got to wear my newly found awesomely thrifted pants! They are Anne Klein, high waisted, perfectly creased slacks. Jorden doesn't like the way they make my butt look. Whatevs. We enjoyed the shops, architecture, church, and some Roman Garden remnants.

Frankfurt was great. Super busy with lots of people all over... especially considering it was a random Tuesday. I think I wanna head back soon and hit up some museums... they have the Goethe Haus and a Modern Art Museum!

Striped Tank from H&M.

Thrifted pants.

Vintage belt.

Beaded espadrilles... old navy brand i think.

Longchamp bag.


Queen VII