Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shopping fail

Today I really don't have much going on... which is kinda nice. It's nice to have those days where you don't have to get all pretty and spiffied up. You don't have to spend any money... you just have to hang out...
I think I am going to get some cleaning and organizing done and play Barbies with Aveline. I think that sounds like the best plan.
It is finally getting so nice and warm out!
I went thrifting yesterday and it was quite disappointing. I was on a search for some dapper manly slacks and found NOTHING on top of the fact that the pants I did try on were so damn warm! it was gross... definitely not for Germany in the Spring and Summer when there is no A/C.

So the search continues. I might need to give into F21 and buy these:

Anyways,,, dying of allergies...
Queen VII

Monday, April 26, 2010

Photography: Cobalt Decay

There are a few things that always strike my eye... as an aspiring photographer I am ALWAYS thinking about photo ops... locations, backgrounds, etc. Urban decay is always a favorite of mine. Driving the backways home from Metz in the French countryside we came across this abandoned, decrepit garage... the cobalt blue lettering was the cherry on the cake for me!

(ps... pardon my bad modeling skills)

Cobalt is my favorite color lately... i think I am going to put some blue in my hair tomorrow.
What is your springtime color?

Queen VII

Travel: Flea Market Finds

Metz is a favorite little getaway city in my travel book. For many reasons actually... #1, it's in France!!! (which, many of you know is one of my favorite places to ever be!). #2, it's in France! :-) I get SO excited when I see the border crossing and the EU Frankreich sign! My heart skips a beat every time. #3, it is only about an hour away and it is sooo totally different than Germany. The shopping is better, the food is great. #3, it doesn't break the bank to just head on over.

We decided to hit up a huge Flea Market that only happens twice a year! Around 300 vendors, food stands, etc. Some things are amazingly expensive, but I am not a connoisseur of antiques so I honestly don't know the true value of things being sold. BUT, I had my little shopping list of hope-to-finds and I really did find!

My findings were:
A candy dish to use in my newly revamped upstairs bathroom, a baroque style dish for rings and hair things, a Parissiene fashion newspaper from nov. 4, 1900, and a still life by Breughel. I believe it is by Jan Breughel the Elder... from the 1600's... maybe a museum loss. I like it and have a kind of dim hallway that needed some decor. I am also going to frame and hang the newspaper!!! Oh! and Avii found a magic key!

The food was DELISH!!! The French know how to do it... bread with cheese with meat... always good for me :-)

Anways... that's all for now! Travel to a close or far thrift store or flea market and see what kind of awesomeness you can find!
Queen VII

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Eats

Leave it to me to fancy up corn dogs and french fries for dinner! I have a fetish for fancy diner and comfort foods...

An all beef hot dog in honeyed cornbread. Sweet potato fries. Red onions quick-grilled with minced garlic, EVOO, sea salt and ground pepper. The spicey honey mustard tied everything together! Honey mustard with garlic, sea salt, pepper, jalapeno juice, chili powder, ground cumin. The inspiration was a habanero mustard I had at a restaurant called The Greenhouse in Roseville. Unfortunately the amazing place closed... probably issues with the economy :-(
I ate too much tonight!

Do you ever choose taste over calories? I do for the most part...

bon appetite!
Queen VII

Outfit of the Day

2 Outfits in a Day!!!It was a busy super fast day. We went to run errands. I wound up eating Taco Bell (bleh!) and looking at the toys. I always want to buy toys for my daughter. It bums me out that her birthday is so close to Christmas... there aren't too many other holidays I can justify buying a mountain of toys for. Anyways... this is what I wore.

The Jacket and Sequin top are thrifted. Leggings and sandals are from F21. LuckyBrand necklace. H&M bangles and earrings.

Later on we went to play some tennis! I haven't played tennis in at least 3-4 years... and being one that hates working out consistently I am giving over to playing sports and games and things of that nature! It was a really nice day to go out and play... sunny and not too hot.

Romper and tank from F21, Tube socks from Journey's, Kitson brand slip ons, enamel rose earrings from Tilly's!

Queen VII

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plans, organizing...

I am kind of getting more excited about the new blog... I am thinking of having a more scheduled blogline...
Like Monday - fashion trends
Tuesday - beauty trends, product reviews
Wednesday - travel
Thursday - food, cooking
Friday - crafts or projects or photography?
Saturday - social events... family?
Sunday - random... book reviews... philosophical thoughts... or a day off...

and then do outfit posts whenever they strike my mood...
I think it would help me when I get writer's block to have a schedule or a plan!
and it might give readers something to expect or look forward to!

Queen VII


I am trying to see if I want to join the world of BLOGGER. I feel it is more adult and more widely read than buzznet, where my current blog resides. I have put a lot of work into my buzznet profile so i am a little hesitant about moving... but a change might be for the better! We'll see.