Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bag sale blessings!

As I procrastinate on doing the schoolwork that is minimized on my screen I have to stop and brag about recent thrifting excursions!!!  MAJOR scoresies  my friends, major scoresies!!!
What's on the wishlist lately?  On mine: maxi skirts, blousey blouses, sheer, silky, lacey, levis.
I have been having my bestie stay with me lately while her husband is away and she is an awesome roommate to have!  I finally hit the thrift store with her today and scored!  It was $4 bag sale day!  Fill a bag and only pay $4!!
Here are some things I found:
Aveline's first Dooney & Burke! Earmuffs and candy colored belt.

Black Levi's 501's!!!!!  soon to be awesome shorts to be worn with tights!

Maxi skirts in khaki, floral, gray. Pretty slacks!

Mauve jumper, sheer cream colored blouses, black swing jacket, paisley apron, green silky blousey jacket...
 Major deals!!!!  I also scored the most amazing loafers... I might be glueing them to my feet!
This is what I wore and what Bex wore today! Comfy and cute, although not exactly suited for the muy schilly willy cold weather that krept up on us!

What I wore:  Thrifted stripey blouse, black F21 skinny jeans, black oxfords, H&M clutch.
What Bex wore:  F21 tights, charlotte Russe top and shorts.  New hair cut and colored by yours truly!!

I am going to have to figure out a good way to do outfit posts indoors... work on the lighting or something... It's getting too cold and it's going to be nasty out soon enough.  Basically all anyone will see of my outfits are boots and coats and I don't have too many of those!

But anyways, thrifting was awesome.  The best finds were the floral maxi skirt, the 501's and the teeny tiney Dooney bag!  She carries it everywhere we go! So damn cute!!!!  I have been feeling a little stressed lately, so this was a great little stress reliever and $8 well spent!

anyways... back to the schoolwork before I fall asleep!
Queen VII

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All art is quite useless.

There was something so amazing that linked my two trips together.  It was so amazing visiting the Pere Lachaise cemetery, but the best part was visiting Oscar Wilde's tomb.  It was so interesting to go from visiting his childhood home and the monument dedicated to him in Dublin, and then to make it back on the continent and visit where he is laid to rest.  He truly had a life of both pleasure and pain and he left his mark on the world even though he died exiled, penniless and ill.

This past week there was a day dedicated to wearing purple in memory of all those who were gay and have suffered.  I unfortunately missed that day, but Oscar Wilde was one of those who truly suffered for being gay... for being who he truly was and no one should have to go through that.  I feel so lucky that I am able to be myself and dress how I want and live my life and be happy without any true suffering or shame cast upon me.

 From the beginning...
Oscar Wilde's childhood home, where he was born and raised.

Now the Irish American University

The only colorful statue in Dublin

"Women are meant to be loved, not understood."

 ... to the end.

The gravesite/tomb of Oscar Wilde, adorned with quotes and kisses.

Telling Avii who he was.

  Xoxo...Queen VII


Friday, October 22, 2010

Round Peg Square Hole

I don't know what is with me lately... just been feeling so unwell and awkward.  Maybe its because of a true change of the season?  Maybe a true change in my own life needs to happen and I shouldn't stop it anymore.  I tend to get super emo whenever I am not feeling good for a long time and lately I have felt pretty awful.  I just have a general feeling of unhealthiness and it needs to change.  I am thinking of truly going pescatarian, drinking nothing but water and fruit juices and teas... and making some physical changes.  I am much too sendentary for my own good. 
In feeling kind of frumpy I haven't put too much effort into getting dressed, so I decided to try something different and dress up cutesy just because.  Polka dots are always cutesy and cheerful.

I felt comfortable and girly.  It's been a long time since I have done the sleeked back ponytail... I don't think it's for me... headache inducing, and my husband hated it, but you get a good flash of my blue hair!

What I wore:  silk polkadot blouse, vintage. Cream colored bubble dress underneath.  Vintage belt.  Stockings from F21.  Flats from New Look.  Pearls to play off of the polka dots!

My Avii trying to do her outfit pose! Just like mommy!

Playing with the new camera lens.

Just for fun.

Hopefully I can be stronger and happier and healthier if I make these positive changes for myself.  I think it will reflect better on my family as well.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Polka Dots in Paris

One of my close friends thinks that I should be a bit more model-esque with my outfit posts and I thought, “what better backdrop than the streets of Paris to be modely on?” I LOVED my outfit and the weather was so beautiful and perfect for it. We spent the day browsing art museums, eating at cafe’s, strolling the Champs Elysees and watching the ducks at the Tuileries Jardin… I found this caftan at a thrift store for $3 and I knew it had some special quality to it. I had also stocked up on a bunch of tights on sale at the BX (they rarely have anything good there) and when I pulled these on I noticed the dot pattern and was like “OH YEAH!” They went perfect! So stoked… I rarely wear head to toe black, but this worked for me. I added in my favorite belt to work it in with my Longchamp bag and gold accessories. Uggs are necessary when spending about 12 hours walking.

These bushes matched my Caftan

gotta love wind
Lounging by the Tuileries octagonal pond

My favorite little ducky
 I could not get over how spectacular the weather was.  Paris in the fall really was just beyond words, beautiful.  It was funny how much more of the city I saw this time.  We walked a lot more than we ever had before and wound up seeing views of Paris I had missed riding the metro everywhere.

Thats all for now... more pics and stories to come!
Queen VII

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vacation pt.1

So I took a little blogcation while on my vacation... and to write the truth I don't know how ready I am to get back into it!  I just don't know where to start!  The last couple weeks were wonderful and I have just too many pictures to share!
I guess I can go backwards a little bit...
The city that stole my heart...
The city that makes me speak French and confuse my husband and make him swipe his credit card more than he would ever want to... 
It was our last trip there and it was lovely...

I'll get to more of the details later... fashion, food and sights...  I got a little sick after the trip... still trying to get back to normal, clean, unpack and edit photos!
Queen VII

Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick update

I am about to jump in the car and head towards Paris.  This is my last trip and chance to enjoy Paris for years to come probably... my favorite city... the city that stole my heart and has made me fall in love with all that is French.
I will spend the next few days walking along the Seine, eating bergamot and rose macaroons from LaDuree', roaming the Pere Lachaise cemetary and will kiss the grave of Oscar Wilde, and wandering the Jardins and viewing the art of the Pompidu Centre... I want to do all the things I haven't yet had the chance to enjoy and maybe get some shopping in too (always a dream!)...
Dublin was fantastic and I can't wait to write about it, but I'll get to it later!
For now,
Bon journee' to me!!!
Queen VII