Friday, April 27, 2012

Brit beans bacon

Bourbon baked beans. Peppered bacon. Seasoned fries. Fried eggs. Wilted kale with bacon vinegrette and bleu cheese. Cheers.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Outfit: Askew

I feel all sorts of high and low, even in my dressing lately.
This is such an easy outfit that makes me feel so great... It was comfortable for the weather (hot!).  It masks any body issues (eating lots for lunch), plus I get to show off my new wedges that I am having a hard time finding what NOT to wear with them.

Hair and nail colors that are a fave right now... I don't know how drastic I want to go with the asymetrical haircut, so pinning up a side is working for now.
I don't know if it's my lady Gaga love, but I am diggin' flesh-tone nudes.  I am going to try to grow my nails really long and keep them painted this shade. It's just weird and I love it.
Miss-matched earrings, Karen-Walker wannabe sunnies and feather hair-clippies complete the look of the day!

Busted out the curry colored Longchamp... what I wouldn't give to have one of the new Le Pliage Cuir bags.  I would give up eating!!! They are the perfect handbag! and the colors are amazing.
I am drooling over  a purse.  There are more pressing matters to attend to.

Have a great evening!

What I wore:
Dress and wedges from Kohl's.  Sunglasses from Target. Longchamp Le Pliage bag. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

New: Shoes, Nails and Hair

New things!!!
Shoes, nails and cutting my friend's hair!

Shoes first!  Almost all pairs were under $10 each!!!
Pale pink Seychelles!  Almost nude, but looks better with my skin tone.
 Macy's brand Style & Co.  Feeling very Sex and the City in these!
Snakeskin Elie Tahari's... again, kinda getting away from mega-tall plats.
These reminded me of the Michael Kors sandals I saw on the runway... super simple and chic and comfortable!

These wedges are perfect for dresses and shorts and have all the colors I love for summer: orange, curry yellow, tans and white.  Platform but forgiving in the arch!

This is the Spring/Summer line-up of colors I will be working with for the next few... all the trendy colors are luckily already in my nailpolish box.  My fave right now is the shimmery flesh-tone one all the way to the left!

On a whim, one of my best friends decided she wanted to shave off one side of her hair... she claimed her hair was healthy and nice and long, albeit boring... I high-five her for going for the Alice Dellal side shave! I think it's so sexy and I was honored she let me shave it off for her... although I did not have the heart to cut the ponytail length off! 

We are going to do a bleach wash on the side and maybe dye it a fun color! Call me jealous! The look is so rockstar!  Definitely a sidestep from boring!

Any springtime changes for you?


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keep Calm

What is going on in the world today?
I feel so lost. So different.  I want to write and take photos because it will keep me occupied and keep me carrying on.  
But for now, I only have the capability to post photos and talk of cabbages and kings...

 I am in the process of going redhead, and also trying to bring back the daily updo, sans cool hipster indie braids (because I can't braid well enough and I am jelly bean about all the Coachella fun)... twist and pin people! The 90's are coming back atcha!

It's getting hot as a muthafugga already... sandbox and sandals and summer dresses are coming out already.

Life, as Aveline, Jorden and I know it, is about to change... so I guess all there is to do is pray and:

Wiser words than I could come up with. 

Next post will be more fun!!  Shoes, nails, hair changes... fun stuff that really matters ;-)


Ps... I passed on doing a 2 year blogaversary post... but it happened! Yay for Queen Vii's Reveries... still chuggin along.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outfit: Blue Bones

I don't even know what I would call this kind of outfit, but deep down inside, this is the awesome girly pirate boy that lives within... Boy jeans, a slouchy soft v-neck tee, a cap'n's hat and some bones to go with it... I like to walk tall with the platforms in the mix though... the girly boy in me does at least.  I may be a fashion lover, but the songs in my soul dance to a punk rock beat.

Ps... what do you think of the new hair color?  It's a work in progress right now...

There is something so funny about this blogging thing... I think to myself, "should I continue? would anyone miss my blog?"  And it flatters me and makes my heart swell to say "YES!"  I get a little glimmer of love from someone who tells me "I read your blog" or "my friend loves your outfit posts"... it makes me proud, although I do do this for myself, I do love to share.  I read on another blogger's post that the blogosphere is a hit-or-miss kind of oversaturated environment... millions of fashion/style bloggers must be out there, and some have thousands of followers... some may be so lucky as to be invited to fashion houses and get to sit front row at fashion week... I will never be one of those, but I love doing this.  I love talking/writing/photographing clothes and style... and I will continue to do so.  I am coming up on two years of blogging here on blogspot, and I think I got some more in me!

Here are some cheerful photos of me and my muppet of a dog... (Have you seen the new Muppet movie?  I friggin loved it!)

Hope everyone had a great Easter... I know I did!

What I wore:
Thrifted hat. Cheap tee. Vans jeans. Bones socks from Target. Shoes from Reflections.  Michael Kors satchel.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lovely bunch of coconuts!

Procrastination is the key objective here. 
Schoolwork... always online... always sucking the life out of me... if only I could turn off the Wi-fi I could probably get more done.
But I can't.
So I am blogging.
Ps... there is nothing worse than reading college textbooks via Adobe! grrr...

Last weekend was so fun and helped me realize that even in the midst of all the crazy changes going on in my life, I still have my besties!
The Girls Night Out is a rare occassion for us and there was something extra fun about this one... a night rockin out at the Blue Lamp to Autumn Sky, the Hanover Saints and the Stripminers!

It was so fun to get dressed up... the girls and I all have our unique styles but we always compliment eachother and have fun getting ready together and drinking wine.  Katie is the Boho Beauty with feathers, leather and metal.  I am usually more rocker and had fun bringing back studs, Betsey Johnson and my septum ring.  Keara is always the Girlie Girl Chic dresser.

Autumn Sky performing

We met up with our fabulous Robyn who is the queen of Indie Geek Chic in our group! I love all the outfits she puts together

Boots were a good choice by the end of the night.

My hair is more evened out now, although darker than I ultimately want it to be... it's a dark, reddish brown... maybe I'll be a lot more ginger by late spring/early summer! That's the objective, at least.

Uuuugh, ok... I have about 2500 words to write by Saturday, so I guess I gotta get to it.