Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red red wine

I thought I would step out of the box and splash on a little lipstick... normally I stick to my nude peachy pink color, but Jorden was at work and I had no one to kiss, so here is the red!  Grey and red together is one of my fave color combinations and I don't wear it as often as I would like.
Speaking of red... wine... Weinfest in Bad Durkheim this year is going to be so awesome!  I missed it last year because I was back in California visiting... this is my last year to go and I intend to make the best of it.  Rides, the BEST carnival fatty foods, games, and wein... as much as you could want!!!!  Must proceed with caution...
What I wore:
Red blazer, thrifted.  Charcoal deep v-neck tee, American Apparel.  Jeans, Forever 21.  Purse, thrifted.  Oxfords, thrifted ebay.  Scarf, Paris.

Queen VII 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy's Red Carpet review

(All photos taken from yahoo.com)

I looked through the red carpet photos and saw some amazing suits and dresses and here are my favorites... and not just because these are from my personal favorite shows!

Congrats to Mad Men for winning best drama!!!  And here are the ladies...
January Jones looks incredible in this cobalt gown!  It's like a supermodern twist on a 60's style... she is beautiful in anything though!  I think she could have done something better with her hair though.
I have a huge girl crush on Christina Hendricks... she is the hottest, bombshell redhead... Marilyn Monroe would be so proud.  I think this color looks amazing on her.
Elizabeth Moss has gone from geek to gorgeous on the show and she looks amazing here!  Her skin is so pale and pretty and I love the flow of this gown.

GLEE.... my favorite comedy!  I have the soundtracks constantly playing on my Zune.
I am almost never a fan of navy blue, but Lea Michele looks so glamorous.  I love the fabric and the ruffles.
I think this is my favorite dress of the Emmy's.  Dianna Agron looks amazing and I love this dress, so much!!!
Everyone loves to hate Sue Sylvester!  Congrats to Jane Lynch on winning an Emmy.  She looks regal in this gown!

TRUE BLOOD... My guilty pleasure show...
I have always loved Anna Pacquin and I love her gown.  It is dark and daring and very Alexander McQueen...
Ryan Kwanten gets my vote for best suit, and being friggin hot no matter what!  I love the subtle plaid.

From "United States of Tara"
I love that Toni Collete's gown has a whimsical floral design, but it's still sort of dark.  She is such an amazing actress and is so beautiful.

Mmmkay... LEAST favorite goes to Naya Rivera... I love the color of this dress and the fullness of the skirt, but I hate the high slit.  Her hair is also a bit too much for me...

Well, there is my opinion on the night!  Too bad I didn't get to watch.  What did everyone think?

Queen VII

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to KTK!

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends in the WHOLE world, Katie (my Ktk!!)...
She's back in California, and I was lucky enough to be with her last year, and she was with me on mine the year before!  I am so lucky to have such an awesome, amazing, intelligent, artistic person to call a friend... and best friend at that!  She is so gorgeous and stylish, and one of the most devoted, giving and loving people I have ever known!  I miss her always!!!
She is always down to party and we have had some crazy fun shenanaginz together!

So happy Birthday to you Miss Ktk!!!  Missing you lots and loving you from afar!  Next year, we will party extra!!!! Thank you for being such an amazing friend!  Xoxoxoxoxxo

Fall Flat

I thought summer might fight back, but Fall is determined to be here...  I wore this outfit and had to change into some jeans and Uggs because I was freeeeezing.  I thought this would be a good outfit to hit the flea market in though, and I was right, until I realized it was only around 6? degrees with a windchill!

I wanna talk about hair for a minute too... I don't know what changes hair consistency, but before I had Aveline I had some majorly huge, crazy, curly hair!  My brother used to be mean and call me a frizzball!  BUT, when I was 16 I decided to cut my hair off to around jaw-length and proceeded to process, color, flatiron, the bejeezus out of my hair.  It was still a curly afro if I didn't put a pound of product in it... after I had Avii, I started growing it out for the first time in 5 years, kept it dark, moved to Europe, and now my hair is smooth, has more of a spiral wave to it and is easily straightened...
and easily flattened...
This damp weather is making my hair even more flat...
I like big hair...
Gotta figure something out, besides teasing the hell out of it every day...
I like the color green my blue ends are fading to.  I am thinking about adding more blue throughout though....

anyways, What I wore:
T-shirt, Urban Outfitters. Skirt, H&M. Vest and Belt, vintage.  Purse, Longchamp.

Queen VII

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Schnitzel and noodles

One of my FAVORITE things about Germany is Schnitzel!!!!!  As Americans love their fried chicken, the Germans love their fried pork!  Douse it with sauce, dish up some fries on the side and you are good to go!

You can get Schnitzel in many varieties... Let me give you a little schnitzel lesson:
Weiner Art is serve plain with a lemon wedge (like fish n chips). Jagerschnitzel is with a brown gravy with mushrooms.  Ziguenerschnitzel is "Gypsy style" with a creamy, spicey gravy with peppers.  Some restaurants even have it Cordon Bleu style, Hawaiin style, or Parmigiano style...
My favorite I think is the Rahmschnitzel... It's a cream gravy, sometimes with mushrooms... totally delicious!

Usually at restaurants schnitzel is priced anywhere from 7,50 euros to 12 euros or more!  We headed to Globus and found the ingredients and created ourselves a schnitzel dinner at home for around 6 euros!!!  And traditionally schnitzel is served with pommes (fries) or spatzle (noodles), only one or the other... I like both so I cooked both at home!
Here it is!  Everything covered in the gravy!!!  So delicious... I really over-ate this meal!

What you need:
Pork cutlet (or chicken if you don't eat pork) pounded out thin.  Apply breading after egg wash, fry in vegetable oil.  Make it nice and crispy.
Egg noodles, boil then saute in butter, salt and parsley.
I used a bag of oven fries from the freezer, seasoned with sea salt and parsley.

The Rahmsauce is a little trickier.  I use a packet mix by Knorr, but if you can make a cream sauce from scratch, or look up rahm sauce recipes on the internet then you are good to go.  Also, a cream or mushroom gravy mix by McCormick's might give you a similar taste.
Try this recipe and watch the Sound of Music and feel oh so Bavarian/German/Austrian!!!!
Just know... be warned... this is NOT low fat! ;-)

Queen VII

Friday, August 27, 2010

Frunch Friday

This Friday is going by way too fast...
My daughter has been watching an old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Paris video and now says she loves French boys... but she kinda says Frunch boys... it's funny.  She keeps asking for an Eiffel tower shirt so when we go to Paris in October it will definitely be on the shopping list.
Today was another weird weather day... Rain, sun, clouds and wind... lots of wind... Hence the updo and the Uggs.
My Uggs have been through a lot in this lifetime...
Wind and overcast lighting always makes for cool photos!  I am also realizing that my much worked-on tan is all but gone...
I am fine with it...
I don't mind being fair-skinned...
But I think to spare others I might need to start busting out some tights and stockings...

What I wore:
Top, flea market find.  Skirt, H&M (i LOVE the color of it).  Vintage belt.  Black Classic Tall Uggs.  Longchamp bag.  Round Sunglasses from Tally Weijl.

Queen VII

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Franconian dinner

This meal idea came from a delicious dinner I had in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  Gnocchi with bacon and saurkraut in a brown gravy.  I added a steak on the side!
This is the dish I had at the Roter Hahn in Rothenburg... I must admit that mine was pretty close if not on point!

First you get some gnocchi and boil it til it starts floating to the top of the water, have a saute' pan ready with melted butter and toss the gnocchi into it and keep cooking until golden brown

For the brown gravy I cooked 2 steaks in a stainless steel skillet, remove the steaks from the pan and keep warm in the oven.  With the meat drippings left in the pan deglaze the pan with a good red wine.  I added the smoked slab bacon bits and a brown gravy mix that I bought at the German grocery store. Cook for about 5 minutes, add some rosemarin and parsley.

Dish up the brown gnocchi and steak, cover in the gravy with bacon.  I leave some extra gravy out and gave a quick saute' to my saurkraut.
Perfect Franconian dinner!

I didn't feel too bad having French wine with my German/Franconian dinner.  It was the best choice!

Hope you can try this meal sometime... it's a bit heavy but thoroughly enjoyable!!!

Queen VII