Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Outfit: fave colors & galaxy nails

This is the last of my outfit photos with my old, black hair... I think with all the changes in my life going on right now, I feel the need to add another change: altering 5 years of dyed pitch black hair! which is a crazy, risky could-be-hideous idea, but you gotta risk it sometimes!  I love dark hair and I know I would eventually want to go back to black... but I want some fun and riskiness right now...

So enjoy the last outfit shoot with my fave black hair, in my fave jeans, and blazer in my fave colors!

 I am working on doing my own blog photos from time to time! What do you think?... hopefully this photo spot doesn't get too redundant...

Also!!!! New nail design... Galaxy Nails! Super easy and I think I did ok for it being my first time.  Just look up "galaxy nails" on Youtube and you will find a million different tutorials, or I can try to do one on here if you would like.

What I wore:
Thrifted black blazer.  Silver top Jennifer Lopez line for Kohls. Cobalt jeans by Elle for kohls.  Boots from DDs Discounts. Thrifted yellow clutch. Leather cuff, earrings, gifted.  Sunglasses from Ebay.

Hope everyone is doing great... things are really starting to look up for us and I am so grateful!!!


Queen VII

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outfit: Cold shoulder, Hot Neon

I am in love with neutrals with a pop of neon, if you can't tell by now.  I am loving all the crisp white seen in the mags and on the runways too lately. I was searching the mall for a simple white top and could not find anything.  I love this cold shoulder white tee.  Paid about $7 for it.  I can't complain anymore.

I am too tired to ramble.  I have an English final coming up and have been studying too hard.   Tell me how to make this more interesting next time!

What I wore:
White top, kohls. Shorts by Simply Vera Wang. Tights, neon cuff, necklaces from F21.  Boots from Germany.  Neon satchel from Target.


A turn...

"Then, one day, I magically stumbled upon the best advice I’d ever heard. In a blog interview, photographer Stephanie Congdon Barnes said: 'You can have the life you want.' It was just the encouragement I needed. You can create the life you want. You can figure out what exactly that means to you, and instead of getting caught up in an imagined rat race, you can work hard, grow in your career, spend time with your family, ride your bike by the river, eat too much spaghetti, have friends over for wine and cheese, go on vacation and take funny photos… I suddenly felt like it was possible. I could carve out the life I wanted. Ten years later, I remember those beautiful words almost every day." Joanna Goddard from A Cup of JO

Sometimes life throws you curve balls and stresses and strains... and when you are far away and alone, you might feel like you can choose or do anything... and when you are near and surrounded by everyone you know and love you might try harder to appease and become the reality of the thoughts and ideas of those others around you.  But it is up to you to decide what is best for your own life, because you are the only ones that have to live it. Take advice that is good, consider the ideas and thoughts that are uncomfortable. Do not be afraid of what is to come if the numbers calculate right.

Be happy.
Be grateful.
Live a life of hope and happiness and above all, love.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Outfit: Mintz

Let's try to be normal here... get back to what really does not matter.. the superficial joy of my clothes.
So suposedly, although "Tangerine Tango" is the Pantone color of the year, mint is particularly popular in the blogosphere.  And mint is one of the trendy pastels I actually feel like I can pull off without trying too hard!

Snakeskin is on trend as well isn't it!?

What I wore:
Silk INC blouse. Mint tank. Black F21 pants. Flats bought in Germany.  Michael Kors sunglasses.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As I walk through the day, I am very concious of every single move I make...  I feel the water of the shower head flow from my head, down my legs and through my toes.  I feel every strand of hair as I watch it to make sure it squeaks clean.

There is a very clear precipice I must not fall over, and I feel blind as I walk along its edge in my mind.  The tears are waiting and pooling in my head, I know it.  It's like the opposite of the happy pain of let down when a woman's breasts are swollen and tingling with wanting to feed the child.  You can feel it about to flow... but it's in pain of sadness and fear.  Choke it back.

I ate out of necessity yesterday.  Not out of hunger.  I do not take for granted the fact that I have never truly suffered.  I have  never gone hungry or cold, never gone without shoes and nice clothes, never without space and air, never felt the true abandonment and pain of loss.  I feel so blessed in life.  I have been far from suffering, so maybe that is why I fear it so much.  I fear it for anyone in my family, or any of my friends... the pain of suffering in any capacity.  I could not even stand to watch or hear about the suffering of those children in the #KONY2012 viral video... I ache for them and feel both guilty and blessed that I never have been through anything the way those children have.  I hug my daughter and smell her hair and count her ten tiny "thingers" over and over and thank God and all the good energy in the world that she is happy and safe and never hungry or hurt.

But she is at school right now. And I am alone.  and I feel a grumble in the pit of my stomach, and out of selfishness I am not going to eat right now... but I will. Later.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our luck...

When life seems to be going too well, you get a curveball... you get a kick to the shins, you get a load of sour grapes, you get something so insanely ridiculous happening that you wind up wanting to simultaneously cry hysterically and run to the bathroom to shit your fears away. 
It happens and makes you regret the day previous.  The day that you made miserable all for what? Just being in a foul mood?  A foul mood about what?  He was in a weird mood, so you have to be in a weird mood, and although you know that makes everything worse, you do it anyways, out of stupid and prideful spite.  You talk bullshit and complain.  You let your back ache and stomach ache keep you from kissing and cuddling and making love, when that is all he ever wants to do... and all you ever want to do is kiss goodnight and go to sleep. 
You pray and weep in the corner, and while doing the dishes, and popping a bag of popcorn.  You start taking pictures of the moments in life that don't seem to matter, but they do to him, because he doesn't get to see it and take it for granted the way you do... your daughter dressing her babydoll, the dog being silly and keeping guard at the window. 
Your nightmares and deepest fears seem more realistic, yet you know that there are people who have it way worse... so you feel guilty and sad and sad and then guilty again... and then you pray more, feeling guilty like you only pray when you need something... and feel like you need to make it to the toilet in time.  And all the while do not let the little one realize what is happening... she doesn't need to suffer inside like you are...

There is hope, right?  It changed before... maybe it can change again?  Or maybe this is just the way it's all supposed to go.  Maybe your three lives together have lead up to this experience... have lead up to this moment of fear and misery and loneliness.  That doesn't make it wanted or acceptable.  the hysterics will reign supreme and cause turmoil within. 
Calmness on the outside, and turmoil underneath... and waiting and hoping for a new phone call... an April Fools kind of phone call...
I know I am not weak.  I know I can handle this... because I have to.  But right now, I think I am going to cry.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Outfit: Well, Hi-low there

One of the springy trends I am seeing and loving is the awesome flowy high-low skirt.  Also called a "mullet skirt" or "fish tail skirt."  I love it in all the flowy chiffons and brights and pastels.  It is like a maxi skirt that can show off some great shoes!  My dilemma with maxi skirts is always with the shoe selection. The hi-low makes it easy!

I DIY'd this one from a vintage skirt I thrifted.  I followed the pattern design from A Pair and a Spare.  I think it is a fun and flirty kind of piece!

I want to try to get back into doing outfit posts.  I almost forgot how much fun this can be!

What I wore:  Thrifted vintage DIY'd jade green skirt.  Frye Harness boots. Michael Kors Hamilton tote. Vintage belt. Tee from F21.  Lace vest, old. Accessories: H&M and F21.

I am super looking forward to tomorrow!  It's the husband's birthday and I hope to have some fun with him.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purse Talk: MK & LV

Purse talk.
Let's go there.
As you may no... I am a HUGE... HUh-UGE Michael Kors fan.  His brand represents so much of what I love and represent:  The American woman, modern, yet classic.  Fun, yet clean cut.  Wonderful craftsmanship and excellent fabrics.  Designs that would look good on any woman.

Louis Vuitton... the name alone practically speaks for itself... often imitated, but never replicated... from the 1800's, this company has been reknowned for its fine leather goods.  A Louis Vuitton bag can last a lifetime and be a treasure to pass down through generations.  Classic, pristine, very French chic.  I have visited the LV flagship store in Paris and was amazed at the range and beauty of the products and fashions available.

Enough brand love... down to the purse love... 
Michael Kors Grayson tote vs.  Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, with or without strap.

Honestly, I would take any single one of these bags!  The price points are what is the biggest difference:  Michael Kors Grayson: $328.00
Louis Vuitton: $1080 to $1090

What is the real difference?  Michael Kors is a luxury American sportswear kind of brand.  Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand, but honestly, I have seen women who carry these bags.  A Louis is not meant to be worn with Uggs and yoga pants.  Every woman that I see carrying a MK bag looks expensive and well dressed... I could see the reality of getting a MK Grayson before I could afford a trophy bag like an LV, as far as price point is concerned... and for the look... I think I would do more than just fine with the MK.  My only wish is that MK would come up with a Grayson with a long strap.  That's the only thing that could make it better.

Which would you go for? Why?

xoxo... Vanessa

PS... I think I got my springtime bag!!!! Eeeek!! :-)  Thanks to the husband...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shopping Gods smiled upon us!

I think the shopping gods were smiling down upon me yesterday...
I have been in a funk of sorts... but there is no need to be, because pretty much everything in my life is fine and awesome to some degree and I need to be grateful for that above all!

I have been working with a close friend for a while now on helping her cull her closet, sort things she likes and things that fit well, and we finally got to do some much-needed shopping to fill in her wardrobe a bit. 

I really was not shopping for myself at all, but there, on the shelf, were two pairs of shoes that were seemingly meant for me!

Hello Frye Harness boots!!!  Perfectly worn in, yet with perfect like-new soles.  Buttery soft, yet heavy and sturdy... These are such amazing boots and I can barely stand to have them off my feet...

But I have to remove them... or else how can I wear my very first pair of Jeffrey Campbells?!

The price on these items were so low, it would be obscene to post it... but I would like to give thanks to Freestyle Clothing in Antelope!  I was kind of butt-hurt when I went to sell at Freestyle and they barely took anything I had to sell, but then I shopped and see the quality of the items they DO choose (and the prices they sell them at), and I am very ready to forgive... They had a $1 sidewalk sale and my friend who I am helping with her styling was able to score 13 items for $1 a piece!  And she got some great things... a like-new tan Banana Republic blazer for work and some brown Steve Madden Espadrille wedges.  Be sure to check them out if you are in the Antelope area (they kick Crossroad's ass!!)  I read on their site that they also opened a shop in Folsom too.

The hubs bought me the JC's and my mums gifted me the Frye's... I don't know what I do to deserve being so spoiled, but I am and I am so completely thankful.

Anyways... has anyone else been shopping lately?  Any good sales or finds?


Friday, March 2, 2012

Outfit: Basics with a twist

My last post is a bit of a rant, and I almost feel like I should be embarrassed for writing it; but, I have made a promise to myself to not self-censor.  Life goes on.  There are always things a LOT more important than clothes and posting things on a website about it.  I think what I was really trying to get at is I do not want to over-complicate anything in my life more than it needs to be... especially if it is simply for a hobby.
So I am going to go on with this outfit post... which is a simple running-errands-outfit... simple pieces, but with a twist.

What I wore:
Denim GAP jacket, thrifted.  LC for Kohl's leather shorts. F21 stockings.  Steve Madden satchel with H&M tassel. Ugg boots.  accessories from F21, charming charlies, etc.

 I think this is the theme for my approach to dressing... basics with a twist!  And I know Ugg boots are taboo in the fashion world, but they are super cozy, soft and it was chiiiilly willy out, even in the sun.


The Circular I

I have been out of the blog-loop for a while now it feels... last post was Feb 12 and honestly, I think I needed a little vacation away from the blog world.  I have been keeping up on my reading, but have not been feeling super inspired to post or write anything.  I have worn some great outfits, taken some great trips, eaten and cooked some amazing things that I would love to share... but I don't know if I should, or if it matters, or whatever.

Is this post getting a bit emo?  Perhaps.  A little down-n-out blogging going on here.  I just feel like there has been so many other things that have been more important... best friends and family's birthdays, photoshoots that are not involving me, relaxing and enjoying time with my family, exercising instead of sitting at the computer (which I do plenty of because of school).  I want to take more photos of others.  I want to work on more styling.  I have been enjoying my fashion magazines and getting inspired.  But my inspiration is going in a direction that I did not necessarily think it would go...

It is funny to me in the blogosphere how dressing simple can be either noted as completely boring or unoriginal or be highly praised and repeated over and over.  I feel like blogging is becoming a popularity contest in a lot of ways.  There are so many awesome bloggers out there that get little to no recognition and then there are the bloggers (including ones that I read frequently) that have thousands of followers, look like models and wear thousands of dollars worth of clothes and then get free stuff on top of it!  Maybe I am jealous because I don't get packages of free shit for just being able to dress awesome and post good looking photos. 

I know there is a lot more to blogging than that, but really, blogging is simply posting an online journal.  Anyone and everyone can do it if they take the time.  I don't know what the real purpose or aim is in doing something so publicly narcissistic.  I love clothes.  I have always loved clothes and always will.  I can talk about clothes, or in blogging, write and read about clothes and fashion all day.  Is it getting me anywhere or bringing me any joy or purpose in life? Or am I just confusing myself and wracking up an overly-stuffed closet?  Am I wearing things that are not me, just to (try to) fit into the blogging world?  Do I do this to make myself feel better about myself; heighten the low self-esteem I had when I was younger?   I don't know.  I really don't.

On the really long drive to and from San Diego, the trip there, hanging out at the beach, people-watching, I did a lot of thinking... a LOT.  And maybe with the springtime feeling, some things need to change?  The husband said he wants to simplify things in his life.  He has been kind of depressed about things in his life that he needs to change for HIMSELF, and simplifying is the easiest way to do that.  I think I am going to follow...

I feel like subconsciously I have already been doing that.  I have cleaned and organized my wardrobe.  I have cleaned up around my home.  I have been dressing a lot simpler.  I have not been drinking very much.  I am doing better with exercising.  Although, I do feel exhausted almost every day, I am trying to break through the fog and have more energy.  I am not doing as well as I hoped with the no-shopping deal I tried to make with myself... but I am trying, if that counts for anything!

This post has a LOT of "I's"...  getting kinda sick of it already. 


It's happening right now.