Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Miss Kiki!!!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to my best friend Keara!
I have known and loved this girl for nearly 15 years now! (wow that is making me feel old)
She has been the anchor in my life of friendships...  she is the sweetest, most loyal, positive, and devoted person I know.  She will do ANYTHING for you if you need her.  She is generous beyond words.  She is naturally beautiful and sunny I can't say enough good about her...

 Love you lots Miss Keara!!! You are the best!!!!  I am so so so lucky to have such an amazing friend!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit: Minty with a side of pleats

This outfit...
These shorts...
Yeah, Vera Wang does weirdly cool things with pleats.  I took a chance with these and I was met with compliments so I guess they work!

The shoes were a free pair in the Salvation Army's BOGO sale on shoes.  I chose these by default because all others that fit me were either satin or stiletto heeled... neither of which are my style. BUT when I did take them home, I immediately thought of Coury from Fancy Treehouse!  She is so awesome at rocking the awesome vintage flats and pastel-y color palette.  Even my mum (who was my awesome photog for today!) suggested the minty green to go with the shoes.  Treehouse-inspiration ensued. Henceforth, my tribute to Coury:

I scored some majorly awesome stuff at the Salvation Army $0.99 sale! All clothes were .99 and shoes were $4 a pair and buy one get one free!  Holy moly! Walked outta there spending only $16 with a bigass bag!  I wish Coury could actually help me style one of the pieces I bought... I'll have to browse her site for inspiration for my trip to San Fran. on Monday.

I am thinking of adding a page to my blog to sell some pieces I have accumulate... sort of a mini shop.  I have a bunch of thrifted and vintage pieces I am willing to part with... so stay tuned for that!

What I wore:
Minty top, bought in Germany.  Simply Vera Wang shorts from Kohls.  Vintage bag and shoes.  Accessories - miscellaneous (F21, Nordstroms, COACH, H&M)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuff n Things: More Kors

So in case you did not already know, I think I am pretty spoiled!
In the process of buying a home, it is no time to be frivolously spending...
I think the world still knows it's my birthday month.  July has been AWESOME.

Hello Michael Kors belt!!!  I found it at Twice as Nice Consignment store in old Roseville.  Black with gold hardware, perfect condition!! Much less than the price of a new one.

My parents are way too generous and brought this home for me on their way back from the coast! OMG! Perfect, right?!  Like I said: HELLA spoiled.

Other things I am loving right now:

Essie nailpolish in Mochachino and Trophy Wife.

Coconut water.  Refreshing. Delicious. Different.

Cafe Bustelo. I had some with family while I was in Texas and now I am craving it.
Red Riding Hood.  It was a blend of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow meets Catherine Hardwick's Twilight which makes sense because it is a Catherine Hardwick film.  I loved it.  It was fantasy and fairytale, slightly sick and twisted and very sexy at the same time!

So there are my faves and things as of late.  I have had some major thrifting scores, but my husband (aka, outfit post photographer) is out of town on work assignment, so hopefully I can squeeze in some outfit posts with the goods soon!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love Without Boundaries

Sometimes there are things in life that do not need to be explained... they just are... or they just can be.
My grandmother Bienvenida ("Welcome" in Spanish), has always been such a loving person.  In my eyes she has always been a really simple person... she loves her family. She loves God and reading her Bible.  She has a fondness for animals and growing cactus plants and a love for things purple and yellow.
Unfortunately, in her old age she has been suffering from dementia and now has to live in an assisted living facility in Texas.
We were able to go and visit and spend some time with her.
Aveline hasn't seen her in a few years and so they didn't really remember each other, but there was a strange and awesome connection there, for the both of them and for me...

There is sometimes that unexplained spark... and it is awesome.
When there is love in your life there are no boundaries. There is no real space or element that can separate that connection... not even memory.
I hope she continues to do well and I hope I get to see her again soon! 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outfit: Favoritest

Quick outfit post before we head out to the fair today.

This skirt is one of my favorite vintage items I own... I seriously wear it more than anything else in my wardrobe and I have yet to do a single outfit post with it! Something always comes up!  Too busy.  No one to shoot the pics for me.  Bad weather.  Well, I made it happen!






These are a few of my favorite things!
Vintage chartreuse skirt from Germany.  Cobalt blue silk top. Chartreuse Longchamp bag. Cobalt blue Seychelles! Vintage sunglasses.

Have a fantastic day!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Til the cows come home

It has been a whirlwind since my birthday last week!
I was whipped off to Texas for a family reunion-ish birthday celebration for about 5 days (hence lack of blog posts this week... I should maybe get better about hooking up guest posts, etc.)
It was HOT... like "super duper duper hot" (my daughter's emphasis on everything lately).
But Texas was awesome! the family I was able to see, the amazing food (fried chicken, bbq, steak, my family's cooking)! real cowboys! the fun wild west vibe! the longhorn cattle.  Sacramento has it's own rugged history involving the 49ers and the gold rush and the end of the railroad, etc... but there was something so fantastic about seeing Texas, Fort Worth in particular, which is home to the beautiful longhorn cattle and the Ft. Worth stockyard.

It was soooo hot though... it was hard to imagine wearing anything other than jersey knit dresses and sandals... that was about as creative as I could get.  Avii made good use of her new cowgirl hat, which her Papa helped her pick out! (she wanted to look like Jessie from Toy Story). 

More to come on my Texas trip! Definitely need to return when I can handle walking outside for more than one hour... Fall perhaps? 106 degrees just wasn't doing it for me!


What I wore:
Favorite new stripey dress from discount store. Blowfish sandals, Michael Kors bag. Sunnies from Nordstroms.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Outfit: Golden Afternoon

Continuation of my birthday weekend...
Dinner of my choice: The Golden Corral!
The world must really know it's my birthday this month because temperatures have been cooling a little, new restaurant adventures are a success, and shopping has been awesome beyond words!
Gold mine!
Who needs a golden tee more than me?
Thanks Goodwill! You're the best!

I think my jorts are turning out pretty good... 500 washes later and shredding just fine.

I love the idea of mixing up expensive with cheap with trendy, but always with good taste. 
Kinda like the Golden Corral!
I love the variety of the deep fryer feast, but adding in some pan-seared fresh seafood? a chocolate fountain for dessert? Genius! Pure, delicious genius.

I digress...
Here are the photos:
Love the long strap option!


Accessories that will be on repeat for a while:
(leftover tea party curls)

These pics were shot between the Golden Corral and the North Highlands 7-Eleven parking lot... on 7.11.11...
Keeping it classy, people... always keeping it classy!


What I wore:
Thrifted, vintage gold top. Thrifted, DIY cutoffs. BCBG flatform sandals. Michael Kors Gansevoort satchel , Earrings from Material Girl line (birthday gift from Miss Keara!).  Bangles and ring from F21.

PS... I am going to be in Texas for a number of days coming up soon... I will try to keep up and catch up on blogs as much as I can! please don't forget about me!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outfit: Michael might like it...

I think I have the best husband in the world...
He makes all my dreams and wishes come true.
The search is finally over!


It is not one of the options I was originally looking at, but for me and my needs it is definitely the best option! Black leather, gold hardware. Long strap. Comfortable handle. Zippered top. Holds essentials as well as my Nikon.  Beautiful and classic style.

Thank you, hunny, for my awesome birthday present!  I am super grateful and will definitely get A LOT of use out of it!


What I wore:
Candies top. H&M skirt. MIA shoes. Bracelets from F21. Michael Kors bag.