Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paris lately...

I am trying to book a hotel room in Paris right now and it's pretty difficult, even considering we will be there a couple days after fashion week ends, but still... maybe there are some lingerers... I just need to step up my game as far as styling goes I guess.  I am packing packing packing some good stuff, for both Dublin and Paris, so stay tuned!!!!
From what I have seen of fashion week, here are my faves:

Having Amber Valleta in the show is just awesome!  She is so beautiful and fit in perfectly.  I loved the shoes and the bold prints... kind of a strange houndstoothy thing going on.  The textures were so interesting too... not pretty, but awesome in such a cool way.

Dries Van Noten was totally my favorite so far!  I am looking for more sequins and a tuxedo jacket!!! Love it!  I still definitely need to find some great pants... always a tough thing, but gotta get away from leggings and wear real pants some day again.  I didn't love all the colors, but the fabrics were perfect!

Balmain was interesting and rocker edgy, but at the same time, I feel like it's nothing really new or too interesting, but I love a skinny cropped pant, and always lots of metal...

And last for now... Manish Arora... what is going on?!?!?  Not wearable per say but I love color... I am going to be so sick of pastels and camel and neutral tones...  there better be some color in the future.  I love yellow-green, teal, red, gold... great colors. And high five for the side ponytails!

All photos from

Queen VII

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanks Mumsie...

I don't know who your fashion inspirations may be, but my Mums is most definitely one of mine.  She has always had an awesome fashion philosphy of being able to dress great for less, wear what fits, and always wake up and look your best.  I remember her always cleaning the house wearing heels, I have rarely ever seen her in sweats past mid morning, and she always has been great at accessorizing.
She has a way of keeping up with trends and making it her own.  I feel like her and I have very different personal styles, but I have always tried to live by the standards she has set before me... I still feel like she dresses better than me on a daily basis.

My mums, in her awesomeness and generosity has made this outfit happen!  The bag, pants and clogs are all courtesy of her!!!!  There was a little misshap with the pants this spring... it's actually a tube top jumper that I wore as pants... WITH leggings underneath to keep a little warmer and not have to worry about them being see-through in the daylight!  The Longchamp bag was part of my birthday present and has been my favorite bag for months!  The clogs... I don't know why or how I deserve the clogs, but they were a random and totally awesome gift that came in the mail.
The top is thrifted and is a nice light sweatshirt material.  I have been seeing a lot of dressed up heather grey clothing online and in magazines.  I am always down to be more comfortable!  I also got to wear my new wool studded floppy hat! I love that it has silver and gold metal studs so I can mix metals and wear either or!  Plan on getting sick of seeing this hat, because I am going to wear it a LOT!

I leave for Dublin and Paris next week.  I gotta start planning some awesome outfits!  Limited on luggage for Dublin, which kind of sucks, but we are driving to Paris so I am free to bring as many shoes as I please.  The other limitation... gotta be comfortable because there will be LOTS of walking!

Queen VII

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yellow-green or Green-yellow

Remember in the big box of crayola crayons, there were two that confused me, but still made me happy (because i was a crayon freak and still am... really... I have my own 64 count box that Aveline is NOT allowed to touch... they are mine... anyways): green-yellow and yellow-green.
This tank top was 1 euro at H&M... and it reminded me of those crayon colors.

Moving on... i think it's definitely more yellow-green.

What I wore:
H&M sheer tank with white tube top underneath;  Shorts from the BX; H&M sandals; Longchamp bag.

Queen VII

Pic-a-nic in the park(ing lot)

So the other day was, as it appears, the last day of good weather for a while... I knew it was coming...
I am honestly not the most outdoorsy person...  I am perfectly happy in climate-controled comfort...
But my lil fam bam loves to be out of the house and out of doors so we decided to take advantage and go on a picnic, and it turned out great!
We packed up our pic-a-nic basket with chips, a few sweets, stopped by the commissary and grabbed some sammiches.  Avii likes hers with meat, cheese, cucumbers and pickles with a teeny bit o mayo.  I got a salami and cheese in a spinach wrap.  We brought along my lil Heineken crate speakers so we could sing some Glee tunes in the park.  We were supposed to eat over by the lake Gelterswoog, but the gates were closed and we didn't know which way to hike to get there.  We basically plopped down in the parking field because it was so beautiful and shady anyways.

I love picnics because you can just relax, eat some food, avoid the hubbub and enjoy some fresh air.  Don't get all fancy and over-complicated about it!

I love my family so much and this was just a nice way to enjoy the warmth and sunshine and each other's company... no distractions... except some ants... but what's a picnic without a few ants?
Queen VII

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just be happy

Lately I feel like my blog has been devoid of any emotion, happiness or feeling... and it is entirely a reflection of my own lack of inspiration, happiness... and whatever else...

Sometimes you get so caught up in life.  I don't have to go to work, but every other day I am basically a single mom, I have school, house cleaning, friends to hang out with, I was sick....
good busy...

Except for the sick.
That was bad busy.

Anyhow.  I have been hoping for some positive inspiration lately... I sort of had a freak out day last Friday/Saturday.  I don't handle stress very well... I have figured at least THAT much out... my life is simple and nice and easygoing and full of happiness most days...
I think the build-up of being sick, stressed about school, some drama, and then a stupid fender-bender accident kind of culminated and resulted in my little snap...
the snap lasted about 2 days.
And then I read a few messages and posts...
And i thought about how awesome my life is,
and my child is
and my husband,
and my family,
and my true friends,
and all of that just made me cry more but feel better.

Life gets rough and annoying sometimes... and sometimes you can suck at life... but you need to just be happy and be satisfied with what you have... stop worrying about what others have. 
My parents always told me:  There will always be those with better, and there will always be those with worse.  Do the best that you can with what you have.
I have LOVE, health, family, friends and great experiences.  I have an awesome home and an abundant closet.

I need to just relax.  Take a deep breath. Smile. Stretch, and taking some crazy fun pics always helps too!
photos by P.Rothschild
I will be posting better blogs.
I will be doing more photography.
And I will quit my bitchin!

Queen vii

Almost Indian Summer

The leaves are finally starting to change... and I am so excited.  I live up in a 3rd floor apartment, on top of a hill, above a castle, basically in the woods... I must admit, I get a great view!
But, we are having a last bout of heat... it has been warm... nearly hot I may say... Avii has her last set of sunkissed cheeks...
I busted out the sun hat for the good weather... I prefer to be fair-skinned :-)
What I wore:
Vintage top with pearls, Floh Markt (1 euro!!);  old long skirt; clogs courtesy of my mumsie!!!! sooo cute!; Hat from F21.

I honestly did not think this skirt looked so wrinkled in person, but it photographed that way!  It's supposed to be crinkly, but I'll try to fix it later....

Queen VII

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kulinarische Marche. food and wine hike!

So sorry I have been slightly MIA... been super busy and kinda stressed and just needed a little break I suppose.  But I am BACK!
Sunday was definitely a fun day!
Who doesn't like hiking... and by hiking I mean slightly paved and gravely trails through beautiful countryside?
and on said hike, who wouldn't enjoy 8 stops for food and wine?!
I was awesome.  You pay 5 euros at the beginning and you get a small glass on a lanyard... probably about 0,2L and at every stop you only pay 1 euro to get it filled!!!  There are so many great wines to try and so many culinary treats... it took up most of the day because it is so leisurely... I like the way Germans do things!
I have a million pics on my FB so check them out there if you want to see more, but here is what I wore:
What I wore:  F21 Jeans and Lace T-shirt;  Classic tall Uggs; Military jacket, super old from Rave; vintage Coach purse;  Gold accessories.

This outfit was perfect to wear because it was cool and sunny at the same time.  The Uggs are always a good choice on long walks.

Anyways... this post is turning out kind of lame... Maybe tomorrow's will be better.
Has anyone been to any fun events in Napa Valley?  I am dying to go to the California Wine country.  I have gone through the Paso Robles wine country on the way to and from Cambria , but it's not the same as Napa!

Queen VII

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Joys!!!

Favorite things about September:
My anniversary!!!!  The 15th this year marked 3 years with my amazing, wonderful husband!

September issues of fashion magazines!  Huge! Hours worth of ads, articles and drooling over the latest.

The Fall Bazaar... great for Christmas shopping.

Feeling like Autumn is finally here... at least here in Germany... I heard everyone is still roasting in California.

Since yesterday was our anniversary, even though we didn't do too much I still dressed up a little bit (our gift to each other is a trip to Dublin in October!).

I have still been feeling sick... dressing up a little I at least try not to look as sick as I feel...

I posted a few more pics than normal... But I felt pretty so deal!   The shorts are silk and I love the side zippers.  I wore my cropped zippered jacket and my buckle-y shoes and the seatbelt bag... I think it was a loose yet binding outfit!!! :-)

What I wore:
Jacket from Wet Seal. Tights from F21.  Shorts from the BX (surprise there!).  Shoes by dollhouse from DSW.  Harvey's Seatbelt bag.

Ps... I actually really like the way my blue ends are turning faded green!!!  Hopefully it won't wash out too fast.  My blue dye is hopefully in the mail.

PPS... Check out the oreo cake I made for anniversary dessert!  It was amazing!

Queen VII