Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to KTK!!!

So I am a little behind on posting this one... I was out of town for the weekend, but I am happy to say that I was at least in the same country as my best friend for her birthday!
The Fabulous Incredible Katie Taylor Kirkpatrick has turned 25! and the celebrations will continue!

I was going to be out of town, but I wanted to make sure I was able to celebrate with her and make her feel special!  Turning 25 was a big deal and so much fun for Jorden and I so I wanted to continue that tradition.
I called and told her to dress cute (which she did!) and show up to my house around 6:30... no other info!

Keara was part of the surprise! And Jorden and Avii and I got her flowers, balloons (doesn't she look like Rapunzel with her long blondie hair and green eyes?!) and presents!  Ktk was totally surprised!

We surprised her with dinner at the Olive Garden (one of her faves!) and just enjoyed the evening eating a ridiculous amount of pasta, drinking some Chianti and indulging in some birthday dessert!
I love Ktk more than words can say... she is such a devoted, positive and caring person and I am so lucky to have her as a friend, and a best friend at that! 

I hope the rest of her birthday weekend was awesome and I can't wait to hear about it all!
Happy Birthday again Miss Ktk!!!!


What I wore:
Minty green dress bought at the Sacramento Antique Faire. F21 lace tee over the top.  Wedges from my mom's closet.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outfit: Puss in Boots

Wow! I felt so awesomely rockstar in my new boots!  I finally got some!  Motorcycle-inspired boots!  Yes!  Exactly what I needed.
You know me, being a flats girl, these babies were a MUST for my wardrobe.  I found them at a discount store for too good of a price... totally worth every penny. 

Sorry for the photo overload! I was just having some fun!  This was definitely MY kind of outfit.  I liked bringing my knockoff Alexa bag into the mix... it is school-girlish with a twist.  Isn't the color of this tunic gorgeous?  It's hard to find anything this color and this fabric for this good of a price! 

Oh, and isn't my husband a hottie?! He doesn't even have to try... i try... really hard in fact.  He said of my outfit that I "looked like Julia Roberts from a certain romantic prostitute movie"... thanks hun! really!  I think rockstar! he thinks hooker... just great! 
And on a hairy note... I am moving my hair part over a little bit and making it a little deeper... this hair length is getting a bit awkward already... not sure how i feel about it still... so many girls make it look fabulous. I don't know about myself though.

What I wore:
Simply Vera Wang tunic.  H&M skirt.  Motorcycle boots and Silver bag from discount store.


Stuff n Things: Pink and Polished

I honestly try so hard sometimes to not be so disgustingly girlie, but sometimes, deep deep down, I wish I could be barbie-blonde and wear hot pink a la Elle Woods!  I can't rock the blonde, but I can get my pink on!

The antique mirrored platter was my Grandmother's, and I can't wait to have it in my new home to hold my rings and perfume bottle like my mom used to.

I got me some fancy earbuds for listening at the gym.  These are Coby brand.  Super cheap. They sound great and don't fall out of my ears!

I love the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails colors... they are very anti-chip for how cheap they are, especially!  I got Hot Magenta.  I needed a shimmery hot pink.  It makes such a difference compared to just a creamy pink.

The super hot pink rose pin (from Tilly's) and tiny ring (from Denio's) are Aveline's!

Loving hot pink and orange.  Have any of you seen SJP on the cover of Marie Claire? She looks amazing in the bright colors.  My mom called them my sherbert nails!  The fluffy ring I wore for my birthday tea party!

What are your favorite indulgent colors?  I know someone out there must have a weakness like me!


Their Style: red vintage top

I think I am going to call my "street style" photos Their Style! I am going to take photos of friends and family instead of just people out and about on the street and there will probably be repeats so let's see how this goes!

Keara bought this vintage 80's button-up vest/top with the back cut-outs from the Citizen Rosebud's parkinglot sale a couple of Sundays ago and I just LOVE how she styled it.  She played off of the brown on the tortoiseshell buttons and paired it with a flowy chiffon skirt, clogs from target and some fun accessories from F21.  I love that shade of tomato red with brown! 
Love ya, Keara!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outfit: Colorblocking Chalet

I could run a marathon of colorblocked outfits...
I love it!
I like solids... a LOT.
Mixing bright and bold colors is so fun.
If you haven't tried it yet, you should. It's easy!

I was browsing and found some awesome colorblock inspiration on Fashion Chalet.  Erika is a colorblocking master!  I loved her mix of chatreuse-yellow with the orangey red... i added black because... well i almost always wear black!

Anyways... wore this yesterday!  

What I wore:
Top from Kohls.  Skirt from H&M.  Sandals and necklace from F21.  Vintage leather clutch (from Sacramento Antique Faire) with F21 tassel.

Gotta make it short... loads of work to do for school! Gotta get ready for the weekend!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stuff n Things: E.L.F.

I do not claim to be any sort of beauty guru or make-up artist. I oftentimes wonder if I were to get a makeover, what would a professional do with me?  It would probably involve a lot less black eyeliner, which I would refuse to give up.

I consider myself a thrifty babe... I try to be as low maintenance as possible: I do my own nails, I dye my own hair, maintain my own eyebrows, etc.  I do not go in for haircuts too often.  And I definitely do not frequent the beauty counters of department stores.  My ONE and ONLY beauty splurge price-wise is my Shiseido pressed powder and concealer stick.  Other than that, I am a drugstore kinda gal.

Target is my go-to stop for nailpolish, make-up remover, moisturizer, etc.  Stuff n Things this week involves some favorite and recent Target finds that can still be found there!

E.L.F. (eyes. lips. face.) is a line that I am slowly but surely finding myself buying products from!  Everything is so inexpensive ($12 or less! most things are $3-5) and it is good quality stuff!  I challenge you ladies who DO frequent the expensive cosmetic counters to maybe try a few things from the e.l.f. line!

Here is what I have gotten so far:

The lip stain ($3) is awesome and goes on liquidy and dries in a velvety matte finish that you can gloss over or keep as is!  It doesn't crust up on your lips or dry them out.  The cream Eyeliner ($3) is amazing!  Black as kohl and silky smooth, no-smudgy finish.  I wish it came with a better brush though.
 The tinted moisturizer with SPF ($3) is awesome!!  I have been using it almost every day and I love it.  SPF and moisturizer is so so so very important.  The blotting sheets are always good to have for those unwanted shiney moments ($1).
Contouring blush and bronzer combo ($3) is a lovely shade combination and I think I am learning how to use blushes better!  I use a lot of SPF on my face, especially in the summer, so bronzer is a must for having a summery glow without the skin damage.
The Eyeshadow Palette ($8) is amazing!!!  I got a neutrals one because I love a neutral eye, a little bit of brightness and an option for a smokey, cat-eye look.  This came with 2 creamy shadows and a bunch of other nice pigments, a brush and a pencil liner.  I LOVE the added instructions... I could definitely use some make-up lessons.

My last Target thing is the one and only, traditional pink plastic CABOODLE!
I don't care who you are, if you are a girl, you NEED one of these!

I need to get a meat tenderizer so I can make Ceasar Salad-inspired spaghetti . There is something perfect about pesto in the summertime.  Basil tastes like summer to me!

Anyways... Hope you all have a great day!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Funday: Sactown Love

I am turning over a new leaf and trying to wake up earlier and enjoy my days to the fullest they can be enjoyed.  This past Sunday I was alerted to the Downtown Antique Fair and the pop-up sale in the parkinglot of the Fringe on X and 21st Street by my friend and fellow Sac Blogger, Bella from the Citizen Rosebud.  Bella is headed to New York soon to attend the big blogger conference so some friends and fam and I headed out to shop her goods to support her cause!

Emerald Green blazer!!!

Keara found an awesome 80's buttun-up vest

Bella and I are addicted to black and white!  Hopefully she comes back with awesome stories from Nueva York!!

The girls and the husband and I shopped the Fringe and then snuck into the antique faire... I think we need to make it to this thing every month it happens.  It reminded me of the floh and trodel markts in Europe!

After antique-ing and vintage shopping (and scoring major!!) we were super hungry and headed a few blocks up to Tower Cafe... nosh of a delicious-caliber that cannot easily be matched.  A wonderful lunch with some of my favorite people!

the Madame Cristo

It was an awesome Sunday... I feel so lucky to live in the city I do and be able to enjoy what it has to offer.

Ps... if you get a chance, shop the Citizen Rosebud and help get her some fundage for NYC... we got a town to represent!!! go shop!!!
What I wore:
H&M skirt and tied tank top. Glitter black TOMS.  Thrifted denim top.  Michael Kors bag.  Sunnies from a shop in Germany.