Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Outfit: So trendy, right?

JusswhenIthought... it was going to be chilly willy cold enough to wear something warm and cozy... it's another 70 degree day!

Let's talk about something I have an issue with: SWEATERS.
Yes... the Fall and Winter staple wardrobe item.  The knitwear that people spend so much time and money finding, collecting, styling and wearing every day of the cooler months. 
Sweaters and I are NOT friends.
I have owned cheap, expensive, new, thrifted, vintage, wool, cashmere, blends, acrylic, mohair, cable knit, thin knit, probably grandma-knit!!!! 
They itch.
I get hot way too easy.
I look fat and lumpy in them.
They snag on my jewelry.
What is there to love about sweaters?
I don't know, but I keep on trying... I have yet to find a sweater that I love... (I have a few cardigans I am fond of, but that's about it.) 

So here I go again... this one fairly simple... something fitted but still oversized enough to wear over leggings.  I think it's all going so well... doesn't itch, I only look slightly lumpy, but that's my and not the sweater's fault...
And I wear it on a warm day, which ruins it for me!

I don't think I could be more unoriginal or on trend than this: oxblood colored velvet leggings, wedge sneakers, black and gold everywhere else.

For the record, I have always loved black and gold! and I had my wedge sneakers back when the Spice Girls rocked them!

Easy enough outfit though... why cant everything in the world be made of jersey knit or leather?!


What I wore:
Sweater and Leggings from Kohls.
Michael Kors Gansevoort satchel.
Sneaker wedges from JCPenney.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Outfit: Dinner Party attire

Thanksgiving was AMAZING. Probably the best Thanksgiving I have ever had.  It was beautiful, mellow, peaceful and so full of love and good company and FOOD!
In my family we love clothes, we love to dress up and any chance we get, we will, especially for holiday events!

I think this is one of those dresses that is a classic piece - in color, cut, material.  I love it. I felt so ladylike wearing it!  I jazzed it up with fun tights and my simple black booties.

For the little one I kind of played up the Harajuku/Gwen Stefani vibe, with the houndstooth and the hot pink and the awesome braided topknot hairdo!  She was SO cute! I thought we looked like the perfect mommy-daughter duo!

Like I said, Thanksgiving was magical and just proves everything I have to be thankful for already is always with me!

going for her green beans!

Does anyone else's family love to dress up for family events?  Even if they are still in-home?

What I wore:
Mossimo Dress from Target.
F21 Tights.
Chinese Laundry black suede booties.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hair hair from here to there

Oh man... Not to be super vain, but I love my new hair, and I think you will too!

Vanessaface coming atcha... #nofilter

A little asymmetrical, a lotta bangs, some green, some golden brown... I love it. Super fresh cut and color.  I loved having extensions, but it was a lot of work to keep up with it, brush it, style it, and I found that I would put it in a ponytail all the time and I am NOT a ponytail kinda girl.

As for the outfit. I thought it was fun and I played with the kitty motif.

    What I wore:
Tank and Pants from Target.
Shoes and Fishbone necklace from F21.
Top from Ross or DD's Discounts.
Michael Kors Hamilton satchel.

Tell her I sent you if you book and appt.!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I am Thankful for

I have a lot to be thankful for this year... but the most important, the most special, the most unexpected thing I am grateful for is that HE is here...

 ... because he might not have been. He wasn't supposed to be.  I don't take it for granted that he was let home early.  I don't take it for granted that there are many others in the Service that won't be home with their families and loved ones.  I am thankful for every day he is home and I still cannot get enough of his presence, his hugs, his help and support in everything I do.  I love him so much, don't know what I would do without him. 

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter.  She is learning to read! She is so amazing and smart and is the joy of my every day.  I am thankful for her ten fingers, ten toes, marshmallow chin and big eyes.  She is my one and only and I cherish her.
I am thankful for my doggie, Butters, who is the sweetest, silliest creature I could ever hope for.
 I am thankful for my amazing family, and wonderful friends.  What I have come to learn and especially be thankful for are those who TRY.  Try to be there for me, as I try to be there for them.  It has been a very trying year for me and Aveline and for anyone who has even tried to be there for us, to YOU I am thankful.  Every visit, hug, comment, wishful thought from afar... it has truly meant so much to me. I think I might have died without it...

I am thankful for my beautiful home, our reliable cars, Aveline's teacher and school, being able to blog and photograph all my memories, my book club, my health, my family in Texas and New York, all my friends that became like a family to us in Europe and now spread throughout the US, and all the friends and family I have not mentioned... you all are so amazing and I am thankful for you.

I hope you enjoy your day and don't take for granted the things you need to be thankful for, not just today, but every day.  Don't be afraid to show it.  Try hard, and it may resonate in someone's heart more than you realize.

Thank you,


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outfit: These Boots

Why can't I find the perfect pair of boots this year?  I am a simple girl when it comes to boots.  I like them comfortable (low or flat heeled), flattering (almond toed preferably), and a lovely color or texture.  I don't like them overly embellished where I can't wear the hell out of them with a ton of different looks.
I found these, and I do love. Love love love.  They were a bit darker than I thought they would be, but nonetheless, they fit the bill!

What I wore:
Vest, thrifted.
Hat, F21.
Tank, Target.
Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan.
Jeans, thrifted.
Boots, Qupid brand.
Longchamp bag.
Michael Kors Sunglasses.

Does anyone else find that the outfit piece lists get longer in the fall?! So many layers to account for.  This is going to be my last post where I look like this! Be excited about something new coming up!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Outfit: Instead of jeans

Just in case you aren't from the Sacramento area, everyone is sick, or getting sick, or knows someone who's sick.  It's terrible.
I have been at home almost all day since Sunday.  Yup.  Felt it coming on Saturday. Slept all day on Sunday. And I haven't been tired since... miserable, but not quite tired.  Watched a lot of movies, read books, magazines, ate yummy crock pot foods, and then felt well enough to tackle all my chores around the house that have been staring at me... rehung almost every picture in my house. Organized my magazines. Rearranged various areas of the home.  Lots of things besides cleaning.  Does anyone like to decorate before cleaning? I do.  I will dust along the way, but I tend to make a mess when I decorate or reorganize so decorate first, deep clean after!  Get the fun stuff going first.

Anyways... been doing a lot of online searching for outfit inspiration.  Some of my most favorite things are patterned pants; black and gold combinations; rose gold accessories; fur, fur and more fur; military inspired looks mixed with girly touches.  Being sick and having bad hair and a red, chapped nose is not inspiring me to get up and get dressed cute, but luckily I do have some outfits to post from the week before I contracted this plague of a cold.

These pants were a risk for me!  Out of my comfort zone for sure. Bold flowers, light colors and I resisted the urge for being overly matchy.  I simply used the patterned jeans instead of regular jeans! Imagine how much more boring this outfit would be with regular skinny jeans?! It was cold enough in the morning to wear the faux fur, but by afternoon, the sun crawled out and warmed up the day.

What I wore:
Black H&M tee with lace shoulder detail.
Pants from Kohls.
Sneakers from JCP
Thrifted faux fur coat.

Moral of the story... don't let being sick get you down and don't be afraid to grab something different to replace an otherwise boring outfit element! It doesn't have to be hideous pants with the print of an early '90s couch, but anyhow...