Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Tally

The end is near! There is a light at the end of the tunnel... all of the cliche things you can think of, insert here, because Jorden will be home SOON, and just in time for my favorite holiday and time of year (Halloween!!!).  I cannot WAIT.  I am dying for him to return...
On a funny note, I was trying to think of all the things I have done to "keep busy to make the time go by faster" as everyone suggested...
Well, in case you were wondering, here is what I have come up with and been busy with since May 6:

Shows I have Watched:
Mad Men season
Girls season
Game of Thrones season
6 seasons of Sex and the City (plus the 2 movies)
True Blood
2 Seasons of Boardwalk Empire
2 Seasons of Gossip Girl

I have read:
3 Fifty Shades of Grey books (one of them twice)
4 Book club selections.
4 months of Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmo, W magazine, Playboy.

Written 47 blogs.
Added 5,000+ words to my book.

Completed 4 college courses.

Hosted 1 blogger fashion swap, a few pool parties, a book club meeting.

Celebrated birthdays of my bro, grandmother, best friends and best friend's baby.

For Aveline:
Handled Aveline’s Pre-school graduation.
Took her to swim lessons in El Dorado Hills.
Took her to Vacation Bible School.
Signed her up for cheerleading.
Enrolled her in kindergarten.

Traveled to:
Lake Tahoe
6 Flags in Vallejo
San Francisco
Santa Cruz

All amidst doing the daily toss up of cleaning, shopping, etc.  There are things I could have done, like gone to the gym religiously, but that didn't happen... I spent hours and hours laying by my pool over the summer instead... although I have managed to shed a few decent lbs by changing my diet.

All in all... the time has gone by and been spent... although I cannot say fast enough.
I will be happy when Jorden is home, in our home, next to me... hopefully sooner rather than later!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Talk

Wow, today has really been a Monday worth mentioning!
I am not usually one to complain, but I am so brainwrecked, trainwrecked that I actually want to say in type, I need a break!
Just from school.  Not from life. I actually want to get back to normal life things like cleaning my house consistently, and enjoying the act of running errands.  I would like to have focus beyond the 24 inches in front of me.  I would like to regain the attention span to watch a full length movie without worrying about classwork.  Since Jorden left, it has been non-stop classes and I thought I could tough it out, but if I do not take this short break, I might as well kiss a few hundred bucks bye bye because I will crash n burn in the next course!

Getting ready to get my hair fresh and fabulous for my trip to Las Vegas!  I am nervous, but excited to get extensions put in. Does anyone have any advice on care or comfort with them?  I wanna make them last!  I wanna do some of these awesome do's I see on pinterest!
Found here

And any tips or pointers on where to go in Vegas?  I will be with a group mixed of guys and hot gals... where should we go to party and dance?!?!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outfit: Scarlet

Procrastination is a key part of my inspiration and insanity.  It's been a while since I have had an outfit that I have wanted to post about and I realize it's always the simple ones that I love the most.

The elusive red dress... why do I always crave items that are either not in season because it's not the right color, or I am just too impatient to wait for it to go high street?  Maraschino cherry red was not in season per se, and I could not find it anywhere on the racks even though it is always a good color and should be as regular as black or white.  The shape of this dress is awesome!  It's sexy, but not too short.  It hugs the bum but not the lovehandles.  I think this is something I can dress up or down for any season.  The perfect stretch t-shirt dress!

I stuck with the scarlet shades of red, orange, and magenta.  The colorful TOMS are fantastic and gold is always my favorite.  This girl can never have enough gold, especially when it's Michael Kors.

What I wore:
 Michael Kors aviators from FNO.
Michael Kors jetset tote
TOMS shoes.
Red dress from Target.
Earrings and bracelet, gifted.


also, let me know if you are liking the blog renovations and be sure to stay tuned for more with my other pages above!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outfit: New TOMS wedges

Hey team!
Sorry for lack of posts recently.  School has been killing me and been so time consuming, plus I have been busy taking care of some non-internet/computer related things in my life.  Everyone needs to get back to reality sometime, right?!

My mum is my best friend, biggest supporter and a fashion inspiration... she is also a major sponsor of my fashion by buying and sharing great items!  She recently got me a pair of the new TOMS Suede Desert Wedges and I think they are going to be my new fave shoe!!!  They are comfortable, versatile and I cannot wait to wear these all through Fall and even the California winter!!!

 This is a ridiculously lazy outfit, but with all the stress I have been having lately, it is the norm.  I think these jeans are also my favorite thing in my wardrobe right now.  I want to wear them every day and I have to fight with myself not to.  The tee is kinda an Urban Outfitters knockoff and I love it. 
Thanks, mom for picking up these wedges for me!!!

What I wore:
Tee from DD's.
Jeans from F21.
TOMS Desert Wedges in chestnut.
Watch and earrings from Target.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary

To my love... the one in my life who makes me feel whole... the one who has given me almost EVERYTHING I have to be grateful for...

Happy 5th Anniversary.

It is so terrible for us to be half a world apart.  I miss him with every waking moment of my being... really, I really truly did not think I would miss him so much.  It is painfully dizzying some days.  I don't think anyone can really understand unless it has happened to them... to be separated in this way.  My brain, my heart, even my skin has these weird ghost pains from him being so far from me.
The last five years have been an adventure, to say the least... we married and moved to Europe for three years, then moved back to California and went full steam ahead into becoming homeowners, dog-owner, and full-fledged, grown-up California residents.  If this is just 5 years of being married, I cannot imagine what a lifetime will be like!  But I am looking forward to it, with every bit of my being.

These last 5 months have been some of the toughest we have ever faced.  And we have been apart before: when he joined the military and went to basic training and tech school, when I took TWO trips to California for about 6 weeks each time.  He works 24 hour shifts every other day.  We have had space between us.  I am no stranger to sleeping alone many nights.

THIS, has been a challenge... a slow and painful challenge, and one I would prefer not to experience again.  I like to think that we are challenged in life to bring a caliber of quality to our lives, as nothing worth having comes easily.... college is hard, but having an education will merit great things, right?  Hardships don't always have to happen in relationships... and what I mean by that is that creating your own problems (cheating, fighting, abuse) doesn't count towards making yourselves stronger... but the really tough things in life that happen, such as separation, sickness, financial hard times, those are the things that will test the caliber and strength of your relationships.  We made our mistakes in the past and suffered through those.  These happenings in our lives as of recent: we have endured.  And because we have endured successfully, I am hopeful for the future and that more great things are destined to come.

I love you Jorden Benjamin Innes.  I always have.  I always will.  And we will be in close proximity soon... togetherness is not measured by mere physical distance, as hour hearts have fused by the fires of our love and we will always be together.

Year 1 - September 2007:

September 2008:

September 2009:

September 2010:


 Amor Vincit Omnia... Love conquers all!

I love you, Jorden!!!  Happy Anniversary and we will celebrate and celebrate and celebrate some more, when you return to California!!!!

Your beloved and only,
Vanessa I. Innes!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion's Night Out MK Aviators

So, FNO at Arden Mall was different than I thought it would be.  Apparently Michael Kors at Arden was unable to get the tees, clutch and have the drawing for the bag, however I did get the aviators!!!
I have been needing a pair like this!  So perfect and such a sweet deal, plus the bonus fact that they are the FNO special!!!

hope you are having a good weekend!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Fashion Reboot I needed

Oh, how I miss my husband and the inspiration and raw truth he would bring to my life, in reference to my outfits as well (remember the "you look like a beach ball" comment? "in colors, not shape!" he tried recovering with).  He is simple: Jeans or shorts, tee of some kind (only crew neck), hoodies, canvas or leather jacket, prefers dress shirts from Express or Banana Republic. Accessories limited to watches, leather cuffs, simple necklace, fedora or fitted ball cap.  Super. Simple. Comfortable. Easy. Always looks great...
He does not keep up on fashion yet he reads every blog I write... so he asks me this morning on our daily phone call:
"Why don't you dress weird anymore?  When we lived in Germany you wore some really strange outfits."
My husband thinks I am a SELL OUT!!
Which really got me thinking...
I DID dress a bit riskier in Europe.  I planned my outfits carefully and with thought and fun.  I took my inspiration from high fashion and street style couture (if there is such a thing)... that was my thing and I like to think it still it!  I like the challenge of taking on a look that can cost thousands and finding a way to achieve the feel of that look for dimes on the dollar! 
I am by no means saying that styles should remain the same... that is the joy of fashion and clothes... they change... the aims should be the same though...
Moving back to California, this last year has been a shopaholic whirlwind for me (one that I may need therapy for, actually), and the husband thinks I have turned into a, how did he put it??: "suuuuuper girly pretty girl."  
Is that a bad thing?  I thought he might have enjoyed the fact that I was getting out of my Manrepeller, high fashion mode... not on purpose, but maybe subconciously.  He pointed out how my thrifting and shopping was more adventurous and less about fitting in.  Europeans are much more liberal in their dressing... you don't have to try as hard to fit in, on the contrary, it is admirable to stand out and look interesting or amazing or interestingly amazing! 

I have pondered and I think I caught up to where I am now in my dressing and why I wear what I wear:

#1 "ManRepeller" Fashion invokes negative/odd/strange stares in the suburban areas of Antelope/Roseville, where I live my daily life.  I know it shouldn't matter... we aren't kids in school anymore, being afraid to be made fun of, however, nobody wants to deal with snickers and stares everyday walking through the grocery store or Target or picking up my daughter from school.  I will not stoop to the level of wearing yoga pants and running shoes anywhere other than the gym, though.  I will definitely MISS that about Europe, or maybe I just need to drive out to the city more often and conduct my affairs on that side of town.

#2 "ManRepeller" Fashion is not sexy.  Being in California, there are a lot of sexy mamas around town.  If you wanna get noticed for a good reason, dress hott! And by hott, I mean sexy in fit, cut, whatever.  A V-neck tee with some nice normal fitted jeans and boots and a Juicy Couture or Coach bag is "sexy."  My manrepeller idea of sexy would be some highwaisted jeans ("mom jeans" to the non fashionite"), a sheer, collared blouse buttoned to the top that you can probably see some sort of bra-type-thing under, and some rockstar moto-boots.  Add some awesome Karen Walker-inspired circle sunnies and see what kinda looks you get...  V-neck girl would appeal to menfolk, average womenfolk, pretty much everyone. "Mom-jeans" girl would appear girl-crush sexy to some teen girls and other fashionistas on the other side of town.  I feel like being married, I don't dress for my husband, because he loves me even if I dress like a beach ball, but I have it in my own head that I need to appear to be some kind of trophy wife, and not the high fashion, freelance writer, super-mom that I am in my head, and that is my problem and no one else's. 

#3 The Sophphphphfffistication Factor.  In my own head, I am Mademoiselle Fancypants du Innes of Chateau Aveline Isabel.  I am fancy.  Always have been. Always will be. Leave it at that.  But life doesn't always allow you to dress for a tea party everyday.  At least not in Antelope.  As I am getting older there is always that stigma waiting on the horizon: "Is that really appropriate?"  So I question everything I wear now with that pretext.  Is it appropriate?? My mum is the most well-dressed and appropriate woman I know.  IS.  And she looks amazing and is always best dressed pretty much everywhere we go.  She is classy and sophisticated and comfortable all rolled up into one stylish-with-a-splash-of-trendy person.  She has rubbed off on me and taken me to another level of dress.  BUT, we are very different.  I am colorful and strange.  I am edgy.  These are things that make me unique from her.  And I like to think that I have rubbed off on her too!  I love sparkle and shine (like my grandmother), "bling" as we call it, and brought more of that into her life!  I introduced her to European fashions and brands and keep her very up to date on the latest designs and trends.  It's sophisticated to be up to date on these things right?  I know how to pronounce the names of the fashion houses and I know the names of the heads, 'cuz I'm fancy!  Maybe I just need to be more secure in my own brand of sophphphffistication.

Man, I love my husband so, so, so much.  He really does know what I need to hear, even when I don't know it.  What better time to get a kick in the ego than fashion week?!  NYFW... I look forward to it so much.  Some day I will BE there... even as a simple spectator.  I love all the streetstyle shots that are on the web right now...  New inspiration for my reboot! If I were able to dress up and walk the streets of NY during fashion week....

Oh, the wild webs I would spin...
There is hope for me yet!!!  I need to jump back on my Carrie Bradshaw bandwagon and be sexy and creative and sophisticated and manrepelling like I used to be!!!  
Thanks, husband!
And I will keep in mind what you said as well: "You need to wear lots of skirts... I like you in skirts." and shorts... apparently, he's a leg man!  High-waisted mom-butt shorts show plenty of leg!!! 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and the fashion shows online and on style network, or if you are lucky enough to be there: fuck you and your truffle fries eating, redbull drinking, highfashion wearing lucky bitch selves! ;-)  Jk, totes jelly over here!!! luh u!!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Outfit: Feelgood

It's a sick day for me... one that is dragging by achingly.
HOWEVER... it does not mean I am not going to make it to the MK Fashions Night Out event tonight. And I will be taking my fashionista darling Aveline with me as well...

Anyhoo... It's feeling like Fall is blowing in, so jeans/jeans-with-stretch-aka-jeggings are back in the mix.
Messy hair.
Favorite brand tee RVCA.
New staple flats.

Here's to hoping I can muster the energy to get my errands done, drag through my class assignments, and pull a look together before 6 pm...

WHat I wore:
Studded flats from JCP.
Gifted earrings.
Watch from Target.

Ps... you will probably be seeing loads of these flats... I tried on some Sam Edelman ones last year that were over $100, and these were about 1/3 the cost and the same look, real leather, super sharp spikes... lets hope I dont hurt/snag anyone with these!  


BLOOPER: "I have a bright idea!!!"  hahaha!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Favorites: Michael Kors

Where does one begin?

And I do think it's okay to admit that you know him from seasons of Project Runway... that beautifully tan, chic man in the black, judging all the designers.  He is accomplished and recognized for many reasons and all reasons cannot be denied.
Michael Kors knows the American woman, loves her and treats her well.
Effortless, classic, clean-cut, elegant, modern... these are the words that come to mind when I think of MK and all the things he creates.

Jersey knits, perfect leathers, tasteful hardware, furs, metalics, wooley sweaters and crisp lines are regulars in the MK lines... functional, beautiful and timeless.  Invest in a MK piece and you will not be sorry!

Here is my collection of all things Michael Kors that I have purchased, been gifted and have been lucky enough to own and cherish over the past year...

photo by Terry Richardson

 I keep them all in dust bags, as should you if you have any nice leather or canvas bags, if you purchase one!  If you buy one from an outside boutique or store and it doesn't come with a dust bag, you can go into the store and ask for one.

First MK piece I ever got... my Fulton wristlet, which I use as my wallet every day. For all you Iphone addicts, here is a wallet that will hold your phone as well!
 My first gorgeous purse!!!!  The Gansevoort Satchel.  I received it as a gift from my husband for my birthday... it was difficult to choose, but this has been my go-to bag for almost any look, casual or dressy!
 Birthday gift from my parents... my perfect little party bag... big enough for my cards, cell phone, keys, lipgloss, and the color is fantastic.  A bold shade like this can go with nothing or everything! Check out THIS ONE as a great party purse alternative.
 Michael is known for his signature Aviator sunglasses, so I had to get a pair of his for myself! and I love them! And you will too!!!
I found this belt at a consignment store in Old Roseville and had to have it!  It matches my Gansevoort satchel and I wear black and gold more than any other combination!
 This tote was a springy surprise from my husband! I have been lusting over the orange shade for months... always makes me think of luxury and Hermes... Similar one here

My parents spoil me immensely... This was my Christmas gift surprise!!!  The Mocha Hamilton in the crackled Italian leather... the smaller Hamilton is the perfect size and shape for me... ANYONE who knows anything about MK will recognize the Hamilton tote.  The regular large Hamilton is a classic "it" bag, but is a bit larger for my taste... it was originally my toss-up choice between the Gansevoort and the black with gold hardware Hamilton... what I am getting at is that this bag is amazing, luxurious and classic.  I will wear this bag for YEARS to come.  Find a Hamilton that's right for you, and feel like an It Girl!

 Oh, the Grayson Satchel ... the classic shaped, beautiful bag that is the shape of luxury and the color of French Vanilla Bean ice cream... what's not to love?! It is also in the realm of the Hamilton in being a classic and recognizable shape.  This gorgeous thing was a gift from my mums and dad, a mother's day gift and something extra special after my husband got deployed this spring...
 The most recent addition and kind of a splurge was this pink pretty here!!!  The newer saffiano leater Jet Set bucket tote.  Funky, clean cut, fun and a great size with a comfortable handle length.  The leather alone just feels and smells like luxury.  The genius of Michael Kors can simply lie in the quality and choice of the materials... Get it while it's still around HERE!!

This Thursday is Fashions Night Out and you can guarantee that I will be there at the Michael Kors store in Arden where they are hosting the event.  If anyone wants to join me, please come along!

I am happy to spread the Michael Kors news and love!!!  Be yourself, be fresh and classic, don't be afraid to wear things that are bold and simple all in one!