Thursday, July 26, 2012

Outfit: Swoosh Skirt

This is one of my no-think kinda outfits... grab and go, comfortable, girlie and with pieces I love.  I wear this skirt all the time, but I think this is my first outfit post with it.
Also, my other new Longchamp Le Pliage tote, Fir!

What I wore:
Top from Kohls. Skirt from Ross. Body chain from Love Culture. Jessica Simpson Sandals. Longchamp bag in Fir with H&M suede tassel.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfit: Longchamp Backpack debut

I am so tired and had a really fun day with the fam, so I am going to keep this one short... for myself mainly.
Just an outfit post but a normal/decent one methinks...
Right before it hit 103 degrees and my a/c decided to crap out, I was able to wear pants!!! And go on a walk without dying. So i took my new Longchamp backback out for a spinaroo!

What I wore:
Vintage Chambray shirt, lace tank. Pink cami and skinny jeans from F21. Floral TOMS. Longchamp backpack.

Hope your weekend is starting off right! Hopefully my hump day will be better!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Favorites: Longchamp

I am planning on doing a few posts on some of my favorite things...  some of my "collections" if you will.  I don't mean to brag or compare what I have to others, but I do wish to express my adoration for certain things in my life that I enjoy, make me feel beautiful/comfortable/stylish... whatever the case or reason I love these things...
Starting with my love for the Longchamp Le Pliage line!
I have an appreciation for the simple things in life... simple but well done... simple food made with top ingredients, a perfect black tee, dark jeans with no frills that fit just right.  The Le Pliage (which is French for "the shopper") is just that... a water-resistant nylon canvas tote with Russian leather handles, simple hardware, beautiful colors, perfect shapes and sizes.  There are several sizes, but I have fallen for the "small" tote with the longer handle.  It tucks just right under my arm, or I can carry it in my hand without it touching the ground.  It can hold a ridiculous amount of items and not feel heavy, and it folds up easily for storage.  I think it is meant to be a high-end shopping tote, but it has turned into an "it" bag of sorts.

My mums and I first fell for this bag when we went to Munich in May of 2010 I believe... we saw a zillion girls carrying variations of the bag. I had no idea what it was until we were walking through Strasbourg France and saw the shop with the wall of Le Pliage.  Immediately they were bought and we had our first Longchamps and it has been uphill from there!

Jockey Logo

Jockey logo on gold hardware

All tucked in nicely!
I currently own 6 pieces.  Four totes, two in standard issue colors black and slate, two in seasonal colors curry and fir. I also recently purchased the make-up case in moss (seasonal color), and the backpack in white.  

I recommend this bag line to anyone.  Its price point, for being a brand luxury item, is surprisingly reasonable.  My mom now has three (black, slate and duck blue-seasonal), my sister in law just bought her first one in moss.  If I could buy one for each of my girl friends I would!!

Be careful to only purchase from a Longchamp store or a dealer of fine bags, as this line is HIGHLY knocked off.    
Buy online at, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.

So there you have it! My Longchamp love explained!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outfit: Mint, Neon, TOMS

Debuting the new TOMS!  Perfect springy summery bright florals.  They look like they are water color painted.

There is a lot going on lately and everyone said that as long as I stay busy time will go by fast.  I am feeling like that is partially true. We are more than halfway through July already and I am thrilled!  There is still so much more for me to do and it makes me happy to have projects and things to work on to better myself and to be there for Aveline.
Honestly, I am learning so much about myself, having a Nick Carraway moment in my life as I am in my late twenties. And all is well!

The outfit... I threw this together to go have a facial, which was lovely by the way.  I would choose a facial over a full body massage almost any day!  I am still getting used to styling this new hair cut so pardon me if i look kinda crazy!

What I wore:
Floral TOMS. White top, neon belt from F21. Shorts from H&M. Michael Kors tote.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Wrap-Up

So, the weekend is finally over and with it, my birthday.  I thought it would have been worse with my husband being gone, but what are family and friends for?  I got tons of love and notes sent my way and did my best to enjoy my day, because it does only come once a year.  Is being 27 considered mid-twenties or late-twenties?

The birthday fun started off with a new haircut! I love it... kinda sixties, kinda sassy... totally everything I love.  I think I need to get a set of hot rollers now.

Onward to Thursday, which was my actual birthday... spent with my wonderful family in my favorite city!

Union Square and Haight Street... wish I would have taken more photos.  I was too busy shopping, getting lost, eating delish food, and having fun!
Back at the house I got to hang with the fam, eat homemade cherry pie (i didnt want cake), and go through my birthday loot!

Longchamp tote in Fir. Makeup case in Moss. Backpack in white.  Pool party supplies. RVCA shirt from the flagship store on Haight. Sheer mesh tops from American Apparel on Haight.  TOMS from my bro and sis in law.  Shopping goodies from H&M. Freshwater pearl bracelets from Helzberg Jewelers. Jody Coyote earrings. Wall plaque from Pera Dice shop in Sacramento.

Saturday night was spent out on the town in Sacramento!  My mom, my "aunt" Mary and my twinzie Natalie all got dressed up and we went to Cafeteria on L and 15th street for some fancy comfort food and dancing afterwards.

I loved my "birthday cocktail" with the candle in the olive! I was too full from dinner to even think about dessert.!

I am still waiting to see my other ladies, for my birthday and just because I miss them!  But all in all, I need to thank everyone who brought me out of my super depressing, Eeyore, self-pitying funk and helped me enjoy some fun days celebrating me! Hahaha!

What I wore to SF:  Rock & Republic dress, Frye boots, Michael Kors hamilton satchel in mocha. Jacket from Kohls!

What I wore to dinner:  H&M tank top. American Apparel sheer mesh tee. Skirt from Kohl's. Shoes from DSW last year.

I am a very lucky gal!!!

Vanessa... now 27.

OH, one more... to show the back of my awesome dress (the straps and collar are leather btw!)